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Example sentences for satellite dish

After briefly watching my computer screen, he began the task of installing the satellite dish on the roof.
There was a satellite dish on the top but not anything that would allow communications back and forth.
Hardly the grandest of positions, but enough to help put a satellite dish on the roof of the family's tumbledown house.
Look closely, and it turns out to be the shadow cast by a large satellite dish.
The companies consist of a satellite dish, a foreign carrier, and local offices with booths for callers.
The police may have to be paid off before a party, or bribed to overlook a satellite dish.
We have a huge satellite dish, but that's from a couple of marriages ago.
He's the sort to invite everyone over so he can brag about his new satellite dish or his array of spatulas and tongs.
Tucked out of sight, a satellite dish beams data and e-mail from various research projects.
Do not attempt to manually fold the attached satellite dish.
He explained that if you have cable or a satellite dish nothing will change for you.
If a policeman should knock at the door, he gives them a summons and confiscates the satellite dish.
Dave has backed away, pretending to do something else, his ears all satellite dish.
Those of us who know how to wire a whole house for sound or perhaps actually get a satellite dish to freaking work.
Laptops inside the building forward the data again, this time to a satellite dish facing out to sea.
The roof is a virtual satellite dish made up of millions of tiny microchips.
Whether he actually uploads communiqu├ęs from his own satellite dish in the selva hardly matters.
In the future, they'll be downloaded into the kiosk via satellite dish.
Your cell phone, satellite dish and laptop were the beginning of the revolution.
No matter how many channels on a cable system or state-of-the-art satellite dish, there isn't enough room for everything.
The mirror resembles a satellite dish with a microphone.
Other opportunities involved the sale of satellite dish services.
Television service to all of the cabins is provided via a satellite dish.
There were areas where bullet shells riddled the area, and a lone new satellite dish attached to a house there really was creepy.
If you have digital cable or a satellite dish, the digital transition should not affect you.
So the rise of non-broadcast channels via cable and satellite dish has more than once set us to salivating.
But you'll need cable or a satellite dish to experience all the special effects.
No this isn't a satellite dish that receives television signals.
The actual installation of the satellite dish antenna is exempt from permits as a result of a federal preemption.
The claimant performed installation and service work for the appellant, a satellite dish installation and service business.
The secret lies in the satellite dish seen below, on the right.
At the time the motor home was sold, there was no satellite dish installed.
Please give us the permission to install the satellite dish as shown on the picture.
In some parts of the world, viewers who have small satellite dish antennas can receive programs directly in their homes.
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