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However, this could make the missile crucially dependent on a satellite system itself highly vulnerable to enemy action.
Live broadcasts have started up on satellite radio, and digital relays are planned for movie theatres around the country.
There was a small generator and a satellite hookup for television.
Its paths led to sculpture gardens and satellite patios tucked beneath shade trees.
Satellite communities are no longer culturally out in space.
At any given time, almost nobody is there-but satellite photos show that the island itself always remains.
The new realistic action simulator satellite tv system gets a great picture.
Amateur satellite spotters can track everything government spymasters blast into orbit.
But add some false color produced by satellite sensors, and the result is stunning.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, digital satellite imagery could inspire tomes' worth of new environmental policies.
Eleven turtles equipped with satellite transmitters are on a voyage of scientific discovery.
Early in his career, he was selected to build a top-secret satellite, and he's been inventing ever since.
Developing countries don't have the same access to satellite information as do first-world nations.
Satellite data reveal how lightning influences climate.
The satellite's polar orbit will allow it to focus on especially desirable regions for human activities.
Often, identifying the rampart in satellite images requires a degree of sleuth work.
Without us realising it, satellite communications permeate our lives.
Scientists are crediting satellite imagery with helping to predict where volcanic eruptions could strike.
The asteroid was first spotted during a routine survey performed by a satellite.
Such precision farming using satellite-based intelligence is in its infancy.
Even a tiny fragment of such junk can destroy a satellite.
Satellite images have been available commercially for years.
Cable and satellite television are growing quickly, supplying more channels to more people across the world.
Cable and satellite firms offer a growing number of videos on demand.
Several consortia of satellite companies are competing for this esoteric market.
It may get off to a slow start, since it has not yet signed up many cable and satellite distributors.
There are no domestic privately owned satellite channels.
They visualize a satellite whose characteristic spinning and tumbling can be reduced to zero by a system of control jets.
But his satellite-monitoring project is far more than a publicity ploy.
He explained that if you have cable or a satellite dish nothing will change for you.
They were in casual clothes and had satellite phones but were clearly military.
The other unromantic moment came with what also should have been a softball, or a soft satellite: the moon base.
We all had our computers and satellite phones and were trying to figure out a way to power everything with one car battery.
Talk story about a lost city recently located by satellite.
Dave has backed away, pretending to do something else, his ears all satellite dish.
In a society where satellite dishes are everywhere, this looks crude and old-fashioned.
And there is a way of using infra-red to sense vegetation types by satellite.
Unfortunately for the skeptics, it was the satellite readings that turned out to be wrong.
Cell phones didn't work, and there weren't enough satellite phones to go around.
All cable and satellite companies want your business.
Satellite technology provides telecommunications service throughout the nation and the world.
Widely available satellite imagery is making governments around the world awfully nervous.
New satellite tracking gives a much more accurate read on global air pollution.
If a significant threat arises, it's usually possible to move a satellite out of the way.
High-resolution satellite images are about to flood the marketplace.
Satellite navigation technology is focusing on reducing fuel consumption.
Such a satellite would also be used to disrupt enemy communications as well as destroy their agricultural capabilities.

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