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He sat there, and people were coming up to him, petting him and taking pictures.
From shortly after breakfast until almost dinner, they sat around tables, drinking wine.
He sat down on the cable and ate a piece of cake, washed down with champagne.
Jenny, equally resolute, sat on the bed and buried her face.
Some sat for the photos wearing westernized clothes, some wore tribal dress, some mixed the two.
My advisee came in to the cafe, sat down awkwardly, and looked at me out of the corners of his eyes.
It sat at the end of the lawn and screened a view of the neighbors' yards.
Old people sat in the village square, soaking up the sun.
Some publishers who provided contact information for the survey have sat in on the focus groups as well.
Ravens flew in, sat on his wounded hip, and tore pieces of his flesh while he feebly tried to repel them.
While doing their work, the observers sat quietly near the animals and noted down their behaviour.
The guard would have sat between the sword's steel blade and its wooden handle.
He took the fossils home with him, where they sat in a jar for several years.
It sat on the edge of a lake filled with purple lily pads and yellow flowers.
The four companions now sat down at the table, well content with what was left, and ate as if they were going to fast for a month.
He sat in the theater and watched it over and over again.
They want to bring a hammerhead on board the boat while keeping it alive to attach the sat tag.
It sat vacant and boarded up, used only as a home for wayward pigeons.
And mammals sat poised to fill the void that soon would be left by the vanished dinosaurs.
The birds sat or stood on their nest patiently, usually one at a time.
Cai sat near the atrium, amid stacks of books, quietly sketching with a pencil.
Rather than backing out of his hole entirely he sat down, lifted his body up and looked right at me.
We sat on the roof deck, where the ambience was ultra-simple: a sheet of brown paper laid across a picnic table.
The climber slipped through that small opening and sat there on the sill for some time, with his legs still inside the monument.
We walked in through a section of the souk where vendors sat behind mountains of dried.
The workers sat at long low tables to pick through the leaves and sort out any pieces.
Instead, females sat in the middle of the sugar cane field.
The purple and white monstrosity sat in our yard for a few weeks, melting in the rain.
Participants would place their hands out of view, perhaps under a table, while an artificial hand sat atop of the table.
The wheels-one for the horizontal and another for the vertical-sat at right angles.
When he sat down, he would jump up within seconds as if something was biting or poking him.
Those bold claims have not sat well with some solar-fuel experts, who maintain that research has decades to go.
After that he had stopped talking completely, and was noticeably less aware and sat around staring quite a bit.
He rose, laid some money on the table, and sat down again.
We took pity on them, granted their request, and they sat down among us.
People sat down next to me, then got up and moved to another seat.
His thesis, however, has never sat well in certain quarters.
He ran so fast that within a fraction of second he sat on a termite mound.
And now the sister wept over her poor bewitched brother, and the little roe wept also, and sat sorrowfully near to her.
They squatted on the ground together, sat on walls together.
He gave his shirt to his brother, who sat for both portraits.
Half the participants sat in constricted postures, with their hands under their thighs, legs together or shoulders hunched.
Most had served as consultants to private financial firms, sat on their boards, or been trustees or advisers to them.
Such behaviour was forgotten, he declared, as soon as everyone sat down together at the same table.
These sat uncomfortably between market and credit risk.
They stopped coming or, if they came, sat for less time at the tables and gambled less.
Politically, he has told voters that he hasn't sat on his thumb and done nothing about rising oil prices.
Grimacing, with sweat rolling down her face, she sat for a moment and then was helped away by some colleagues.
Oddly, the stromatolite mounds sat next to smaller, pinnacle-shaped lumps that researchers had seen in many other lakes.
Drivers sat in a car facing a projection screen that allowed them to navigate through a virtual city.
If viewers sat back and refused, the story took a different turn.
It was getting toward lunchtime, and a half-dozen employees sat at metal desks scattered about the office's large open floor.
Right behind the line the mortar guys sat around in their mortar pits and played cards all day.
Spectators drifted from table to table, watching the action, or sat on folding chairs against the walls.
We sat at her kitchen bar for a spread of cranberry juice, coffee, and tea cakes.
He sat by himself at a table to recover, drinking water.
The youngsters sat on my husband's bed, and he helped them take out their toys.
He sat lethargic in layers of wool clothing, his eyes half-closed under a wool cap.
They sat on benches when they were not actually doing the speaking.
Inside, bowls of clotted cream sat on a table and jugs of yogurt lined shelves.
Throughout those dismal months, my soul sat slumped and lifeless but my body walked to yours.
He sat on his hotel bed, a chinless wonder with watery blue eyes and a small moustache, and chatted about himself.
We sat there in the neat squalor and there was nothing to do and nothing to say and she did not wish to eat.
At dinner when they all sat down together there was much joking around.
Generation after generation, his family's old people sat at this window to watch the year.
They sat, with five other campaign workers, at a conference table surrounded by eight video panels.
The leaders of the four main parties at the time sat behind a semicircular desk.
The ape sat high on the topgallant for several days.
She simply sat on the floor of the royal chamber and died.
She sat in the back and smiled at him from the milky darkness of the car's interior.
We sat down on the uncomfortable, worn furniture and tried to think of something to say to each other.
And once the hull was finished, the ship sat in seawater for a year while the inside was furnished.
Some of the samples sat in freezers, others under the sink, and still others in water baths maintained at various temperatures.
As he sat in the gloomy lab, watching neural signals dance in green light across an oscilloscope, he noticed something strange.
The patients habitually sat on the edges of their seats while fidgeting and clawing away.
Complaining that she was light-headed, she left the trauma room and sat at a nurse's desk.
The volunteers sat in pairs but initially decided on an answer alone.
They all sat down on the pebbly beach, switched off their flashlights, and waited a few minutes.
He had, apparently, no idea how fragile was the branch on which he sat.
Each of us sat at our own private table and played big.
Traditionally, she should have sat for a picture last spring after her wedding.
She sat in the library, and every movie star at the party-and there were a lot of them-stopped by to say hello.
He sat in deep meditation, programming or reading or writing something or other.
And so the hole sat for months, gradually growing in depth and diameter.

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