sashimi in a sentence

Example sentences for sashimi

Thinly sliced and served with other raw delicacies as sashimi, the translucent flesh delights the eye as well as the palate.
Fish set out a feast of sushi and sashimi that was entirely vegetarian.
It is surrounded by small earthenware dishes of sashimi.
Longline-caught tuna is a much higher grade of tuna and is sold as fresh fish, mostly for the sashimi markets.
If you are a sushi and sashimi addict you will find numerous combinations.
Sushi and sashimi starred sparkling-fresh ingredients.
Our yellowtail sashimi literally melts away into a mouthful of flavor.
Bigeye and yellowfin are commonly for sashimi and poke, although other tunas may used raw.
Avoid raw fish dishes, such as sashimi and some types of sushi and ceviche.
Often fugu sashimi will be arranged in patterns resembling flowers or birds.
It makes a tasty meal and is popular for sashimi, or raw fish.
Sashimi consists of thin slices of chilled tuna or other seafood.
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