sardonic in a sentence

Example sentences for sardonic

His solemn expression accompanies a quiet wit and a sardonic sense of humor.
Drummond forwarded the story with some sardonic comments.
And even his serious statements have an air of sardonic wit.
His sardonic and technically brilliant work gets more fascinating with each viewing.
At his best he could write funny, write sad, write sardonic and write serious.
In the next moment, though, he let out a sardonic laugh.
Now she tells all in a sardonic, unflattering look at the job of rescuing tourists and arresting criminals.

Famous quotes containing the word sardonic

Freud, Jung thought, had been a great discoverer of facts about the mind, but far too inclined to leave the solid ground... more
The death of John Barrymore made us think again for a minute of F. Scott Fitzgerald. They were very different men: a lot... more
The fates are not quite obdurate; They have a grim, sardonic way Of granting them who supplicate The thing ... more
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