sarcastic in a sentence

Example sentences for sarcastic

There's not much evidence of a coherent message in your post, other than being sarcastic and snide.
Call it a sarcastic flourish after a rather cutting opinion.
They are sarcastic, self-aware, and often wickedly funny.
The relentlessly haughty, sarcastic tone suggests an almost sociopathic inability to feel empathy.
Sarcastic, tired flippancy has stolen the place of the first, and lugubrious resentment has deposed the second.
There is a deep sarcastic tone in many of his words, with a not so typical slant on reality of day to day situations.
And her book's sour, sarcastic, self-involved heroine is too much of a pill to be endearing.
The tone of the spoken sections is sarcastic, biting.
The temptation to be short, sarcastic, incredulous in reply is powerful.
Mainstream reporters have shushed the bloggers when their sarcastic comments on the testimony drowned out the audio feed.
The last two questions you asked, you've used a sarcastic tone of voice.
He is accused of exhibiting impatience and making sarcastic remarks.
By turns he is wise or sarcastic, understanding or impatient, engaged or introspective.
He is slightly sarcastic and driven by his stomach, but he never forgets his devotion to his home and family.
The tern was used by some opponents of the proposed law in a rather sarcastic sense.
Do not be sarcastic or argue with the court or the other party.
They merely note that those problems are not solved by the government's sarcastic comments and inflammatory rhetoric.
Pitch can be used to determine whether a particular utterance is a statement or a question, a serious comment or a sarcastic barb.

Famous quotes containing the word sarcastic

There is nothing funny about Halloween. This sarcastic festival reflects, rather, an infernal demand for re... more
You have sensible women here [in England] but then, they are very devils—censorious, uncharitable, sarcasticmore
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