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Example sentences for sappy

Don't bother me with sappy endings, special effects or flabby plots.
Sappy notes from kids, a special note from hubby, etc.
No sappy goodbye message, no overabundance of sentimentality.
The dozens of montages and endless high-drama sappy stories should be dropped.
It's one of those things that would get written out of a script for being too sappy.
Dense yet balanced with lingering flavors of sappy fruit and cedar.
More worrisome is that those pine logs are dripping pitch and the others still smell fresh and sappy.
They were sappy with the homely satire of the camps, which stings friend and foe alike.
Even blasé urban-canyon dwellers and hardhearted pulp-mill magnates tend to get all sappy and silly around wombats and wallabies.
It is also a sympathetic and human book, in an enriching rather than a sappy way.
At many other times in history, this sentiment might seem sappy or air-headed or unrealistic.
Some of his stuff was pretty cornpone and some of it was kind of sappy.
At any moment it can veer into cloyingly sappy territory.
The trailer looked so sappy and fake yet it was a heartfelt movie.
His name was used as a term of derision to indicate poorly made merchandise or sappy ideas.

Famous quotes containing the word sappy

We could not well camp higher, for want of fuel; and the trees here seemed so evergreen and sappy, that we ... more
Few phenomena gave me more delight than to observe the forms which thawing sand and clay assume in flowing down the side... more
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