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His expansive collection of precious everyday objects includes a jewel encrusted baseball and a sapphire-studded mailbox.
The heart of the detector is made out of a thin film of aluminum on a sapphire substrate.
Picture the world's oceans, glimmering sapphire under the heat of the sun and the protection of the ozone layer.
With certain impurities it is known as ruby or sapphire silicon dioxide- aka quartz.
The nearer peaks are perchance clad in sapphire blue, others far off in creamy white.
The blue crab is so named because of its sapphire-tinted claws.
Tiny structures in the feathers choreograph incoming light, reflecting sapphire in one direction, emerald in another.
Theirs are the airy castles which are set upon foundations of sapphire.
The sky was sapphire, the sun splendid and pitiless, the heat sweltering.
They start by etching grooves into the substrate, leaving a series of thin sapphire ridges, each about one micrometer wide.
Along the way are numerous pull-offs where you can admire the sapphire-blue waters and the ever-changing scenery.

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