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Sapped energy is not the same thing as failure to meet a target.
To test this theory, they first deliberately sapped the mental powers of a number of volunteers.
My feeling is, that despite the claims, the creativity has been sapped out of the game by the simplicity of it.
The strength is sapped out of any fledgling open opposition.
Momentum and continuity were sapped by applause between movements.
The collapse of the housing market sapped its growth.
Meanwhile, anyone worrying about the sapped celebrity wattage on the state park panel need not fret.
The key is that their kinetic energy is sapped by another process: radiation.
Secondly, fill materials may be sapped into the subsurface and subsidence may occur.
Your patience and energy can get sapped fighting the lines in crowed malls.
The hot and windy conditions sapped moisture levels in the northern and western parts of the state.
And the exertion in plowing through this thicket sapped dog and handler.
As an arts administrator working with ever-diminishing public funding, the recession has left me personally sapped and weary.
Irrigation and urban water pumping sapped the water table and, simultaneously, the rains decreased.
He testified that its resources are being sapped, that it had lost employees and customers.
Those developments may partly reflect the extent to which higher food and energy prices have sapped households' purchasing power.
It is difficult to sustain high performance when energy is being sapped by fear.
But the resulting combination left much to be desired and sapped the original design of much of its speed and maneuverability.

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