sandstorm in a sentence

Example sentences for sandstorm

Sadly, these little dinosaurs were buried alive, probably by a sandstorm.
Each sample was exposed to the lab-generated sandstorm for five minutes and then weighed to find out how badly it had been eroded.
Through the window, the darkening sky geared up for another sandstorm.
He called every other day, the sound of artillery or of a raging sandstorm in the background.
Halfway across the desert, a terribly sandstorm struck, separating your party from the rest of the caravan.
The small giraffe's vision is blurred by the sandstorm.
On this night-the final night-a fog swirled across the desert, as thick and impenetrable as a sandstorm.
The sandstorm we've experienced is only the second one in the last six weeks.
Here you have a variety of desert scenes, including a sandstorm and a flood.
To prove his worth, he subjects himself to all sorts of dangers in the desert, including a deadly sandstorm.
When miffed, he can gather himself into a swirling sandstorm and swallow an airplane.
Always exercise caution when in a sandstorm and turn on lights and slow your vehicle down.
Still, other new twists include a bullet-time sequence in zero gravity and a firefight in a blinding sandstorm.
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