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Example sentences for sanctum

University administration and teaching are cozy careers in which the inner-sanctum is made cleverly untouchable.
The reporter is relayed into the innermost sanctum by a succession of richly clothed attendants.
None have made it into the inner-management sanctum.
The lawns in the inner sanctum are freshly mown and watered.
Yet, oddly, both were released by media groups that do not fit strictly inside the conglomerates' inner sanctum.
They get to go out and be the window dressing but they're not in that inner sanctum.
The inner sanctum holds a series of computers and components stacked floor to ceiling.
If you cannot maintain minimal security in the inner sanctum of your own capital, then security itself is a misnomer.
For this offense the old-fashioned noisy typewriter has been banished from the inner sanctum of thousands of private offices.
Each summer had two parents' weekends, during which brash visitors invaded the sanctum.
Only victory there will gain them access to the inner sanctum--the bloodstream.
The handcrafted hardwood is sturdy and also quite purdy, guaranteed to look great in your living room or hedonistic inner sanctum.
Unlock the door and invite others into share your private sanctum.
Big hotels are creating a new kind of upscale sanctum to beat the boutiques.
The inner sanctum smells of bats and pigeon droppings.
They laid down the things they had so arduously carried to this remote sanctum.
Readers, who know nothing of an editorial sanctum, you would be astonished if you could become familiarized with ours.

Famous quotes containing the word sanctum

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The Bible is a sanctum; the world, sputum.... more
To the virtuous man, the universe is the only sanctum sanctorum, and the penetralia of the temple are the b... more
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