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The church also work closely with a nearby church that often provides sanctuary for refugees who have been denied refugee status.
It's believed to have been built by hunter-gatherers, who used it as a religious sanctuary.
The wildlife sanctuary is home to a jaguar reserve and while you may not see these nocturnal animals you will spot their signs.
There was almost nowhere to hide-but deep underground one group found sanctuary.
On a stressful business trip, a hotel room can be a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the work day.
Banished from academe and organized religion, the paranormal has found sanctuary in pop culture.
It is deplorable that the dormitories of modern universities may not furnish such sanctuary.
She began by creating a private sanctuary at the back of the property, off the existing studio.
Music has been a creative sanctuary for many, and itself seems to help stimuli remain within borders of well-adjusted functioning.
Having found a comfortable sanctuary in their faith, humans brought in religions.
Experts feared the cracked walls of the sanctuary could collapse, destroying its historic murals.
Forty thousand pounds of silver encrusted the sanctuary.
The clowns-those who think that making money, lots of it, is more important than doing serious science-have invaded our sanctuary.
The sanctuary allows the public to view the animals six days a week, but the primary focus of the sanctuary is education.
The sanctuary floods during the rainy season, when ducks and other waterfowl congregate to breed.
Other facilities at the sanctuary include a gift shop, hay rides and a nature center.
Your blog is a valuable sanctuary of levelheadedness.
Her father's virtuous palace was the sanctuary of her innocence, and the school of her tender piety.
The officers entered the sanctuary, tore the holy prelates from the altar, and conducted them to different places.
For the bodies of those beasts, whose blood is brought into the sanctuary by the high priest for sin, are burned without the camp.
It was in this sanctuary that parents came together.
It provided sanctuary for creatures from the tertiary period which died out elsewhere during the ice ages.
During the long war there it has provided sanctuary to millions of refugees.
As long as there is war and oppression, there must be sanctuary.
More will seek sanctuary in the arms of stronger rivals.
Reserves not only provide a sanctuary for fish, but a stock that can migrate to areas open to fishing.
The park even has a sanctuary for bald eagles injured in the wild.
And they can do little about the sanctuary on the other side of the border.
Everything is of a piece, from candlesticks to sanctuary lamps to gold-embroidered altarpiece.
Today, the glacier has receded so far that it takes an hour to get there from the sanctuary, so the practice has stopped.
To certain customers, the choicest tables in this soigné sanctuary were the ones tucked discreetly around the corner of the bar.
The elephants at the sanctuary are prolific artists.
Although some water reached into the sanctuary, damage there was not extensive.

Famous quotes containing the word sanctuary

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