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The panel has the option of recommending treatment, a small fine, or no sanction.
The twilight-realm of phantasy is upheld by the sanction of humanity and every hungry soul looks here for help and sympathy.
Because of the dangers, dive organizations refuse to sanction no-limits diving.
They can go abroad, to countries where the authorities sanction or ignore payments to living donors.
Above all, it is a popular practice that took hold without magisterial sanction.
There is no political settlement to be had with those who base their views on divine sanction.
It has its pick of partners and can easily sanction those that don't cooperate with it.
There is no sanction if their parents refuse to take them.
The sanction for those countries that don't produce enough self-critical jokes is a simple one: they will be ignored.
It means, of course, that someone should escape legal sanction if he or she kills them or is party to killing them.
Truth is too infrequently spoken baldly to power, even in places where there is no cost or sanction for doing so.
Allowing gambling with no restrictions is to sanction fraud, deceit and deception.
If they won't do it voluntarily, perhaps they can be persuaded by the fear of sanction.
Sanction rates will likely be reduced if clients are better able to meet the modified requirements.
It will be used only for the purposes of collecting debt under the license sanction law.
The defendants seek the ultimate sanction of dismissal, as well as imposition of monetary sanctions.
The court may impose any other conditions of release under a community control sanction that the court considers appropriate.

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