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The green, open space that greets the tourist is not all sanctified parkland.
The soldier is sanctified by his willingness to die for us.
It was a complete and utter violation of that sanctified calm.
That, is probably why that kind of creature is sanctified and secures high-profile in this uncaring regime.
He was driven by the kind of appreciation of beauty with which life itself is sanctified.
Minorities were invisible, except when sanctified by money.
In my conscience, the healthier the celebration, the more sanctified to the giver of all life and health.
Lately, the backcountry has become so sanctified that you feel a little guilty for using it at all.
The movie is a kind of realistic fairy tale set in a forest newly enchanted by the sanctified work of staying alive.
Going to the movies used to be a sanctified rite-the hushed sense of wonder, the hypnotic flicker, the provocative visions.
Sanctified only by usage, but nevertheless immutable, alphabetical order is one of the more obvious enemies of chance.
In this blood of our slain our unity is cemented and sanctified.
Gross mismanagement of these sanctified grounds has tarnished a sacred trust and shaken many military families.
To them, it is a sanctified place imbued with spiritual qualities and powers.

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