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Not only that, the solution marked the birth of a new field, called compressive sampling.
Any scientific work proposing to look at dinosaur diversity has to take these sampling biases into account.
Better sampling of the dinosaur and flowering plant fossil records caused the correlation between the two to fall apart.
What was important was to make sure that the group was a sincere sampling and random, not researched.
They inspected the landing site and removed the spacecraft's television camera, a piece of tubing and the remote sampling arm.
In an attempt to codify, and with a small sampling, the tendency is to oversimplify what is uncertain and astoundingly complex.
Rounding up a representative sampling of those lucky ones proved to be surprisingly easy.
Shifts in results between polls over time also have a larger sampling error.
They need to keep smaller amounts to top off the barrels as the wine levels drop, from evaporation and sampling.
Granted, the statistical sampling of employers at this meeting was in no way scientific.
These topics are only a microscopic sampling of what political scientists today study.
When visiting any region, sampling the area's cuisine is an important part of soaking up the local culture.
Plan your festival itinerary to make sure you don't miss out on sampling your top picks.
Read on for a sampling of our reports, some by leading physicists of their times.
They reduced the radio's sampling rate which in turn allowed the radio chips to be run at a lower clock rate, thus saving energy.
The plan begins with a small sampling machine that collects air samples.
Aside from the pain and inconvenience, such occasional blood sampling is less than ideal for maintaining healthy glucose levels.
Statistics is not always about sampling all data even if not relevant.
Where it lives and the lack of sampling in that kind of an area probably have a lot to do with that.
Take music, for example: here's a sampling of the different ways you can consume it, along with the pros and cons of each.
It often amazes me how the existence of preserved evidence is interpreted to be a representative population sampling.
Healthy-looking people were sampling local hams, heirloom tomatoes and raw-milk cheeses.
One which has been recognised and largely dealt with over the past few years is inappropriate sampling.
The first thing to be said about such criticisms, of which the foregoing is a mere sampling, is that they cannot all be right.
He provides a sampling of such images on a website, including ones that show modified bodies that are anatomically impossible.
The sampling covers only a minuscule part of the prostate, making it easy to miss regions where cancerous cells may lurk.
In fact, even the act of sampling blood had differentiated high- from low-ranking males in the old days.
Not only has the individual concerned not consented to this sampling, he remains ignorant of it.
For the past couple of years he has been sampling the oceans and collecting bacterial genes.
Some sampling of airborne particles is done, but it is still not clear what should be monitored.
The result is a move away from the complete excavation of sites towards a more selective, sampling approach.
Quants generally have no interest in visiting a company, sampling its products or meeting its management.
If you're interesting in converting non-believers, you'll want to avoid the appearance of selective sampling.
Results of the worldwide genetic sampling project show a strong correlation between genetic diversity and geographic distance.
They will collect a sampling of the surface artifacts and then excavate in a few small test areas.
Here is a representative sampling of additional anonymous comments from the panelists.
Remind students that these are only a sampling of the many different groups in this region.
Capturing any electrons at all from the high end of the energy spectrum requires a sustained sampling effort.
The organization seeks to calm some of music's roiling waters, from unlawful sampling to file-sharing.
It consists of a sampling of the company's whole product range, and is enough to turn the pen and paper nerds wild.
Fortunately a solution will arrive soon, and some beta testers are already sampling the software update.
In case you shared my confusion on this topic, the sampling of messages below may be useful to you as well.
Not to mention all the sampling and remixing and looping that went into the music that made him famous.
Here's a modest sampling of the lavish cerebral feast you'll find between the book's covers.
What follows isn't a random sampling of movement opinion.
The sailor would descend to the bottom of the ship to the storeroom to get the beer, often sampling a bit on his way back up.
Plainly, the length of my article permitted only a tiny sampling of errors.
Other areas are using sampling methods and laboratory-initiated case finding.
He was always downstairs checking on the decor, sampling the soup, tasting the sauces.
Sampling fermenting liquids is necessary to ensure quality, but it can be time-consuming and potentially contaminating.
One drawback: patients would have to wait four to five months between bone marrow sampling and transplant operations.
Below is a sampling of major efforts aimed at improving everything from security to wireless communications.
He spoke to the group after we'd finished our sampling.
We read about live lobsters in tins and immediately ordered a sampling.
We ordered a shipment sent to our kitchen for sampling, and our tasters rated every last item as excellent.
Here is a sampling of some of the great problems lurking in math's netherworld.
And certainly adding social scientists makes a significant change in sampling as well.
We're also collecting nasal swabs and sampling tap water.
He determined the groundwater flow indirectly, by sampling the concentration of a radioactive isotope.
Snowball sampling is a method typically used with unknown or rare populations.
Evaluation of seven aquatic sampling methods for amphibians.
Evaluation of seven aquatic sampling methods for amphibians.
Biological sampling should represent the entire gradient from minimal human influence to severely altered.
Successful regional monitoring programs typically include status, trend, and targeted sampling of sites within a region.
Below is a sampling of what the scientific pollsters have found.
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