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That's a huge sample size for usability testing, so the distributed model makes sense.
The sample should be collected during the acute phase of the infection, which is the period in which you are having diarrhea.
These should be fairly quick to write and will become the sample chapters for your final proposal.
In music, think of the legal actions taken against artists who blend and sample multiple songs.
The demographics within a plot reflect a random sample of the region as a whole, the theory says.
My mission was to sample as much sugar as my stomach and allowance allowed.
Now it's easy to sample this intriguing cuisine at home.
The mission could also pave the way for future sample return missions and for landing humans on an asteroid.
If the number of cells in a culture changes after a sample is added, that suggests the chemical in question is bad for the liver.
The investigators are continuing the research and the size of the sample will increase with time.
The bulge on the back is the filtered light source that illuminates the sample.
Drinking a lot of water and other fluids the night before the test may help to get the sample.
Bad sample sizes give bad data, which gives bad statistics when you don't give their context.
Any science student knows you have to focus a light microscope onto a sample to get a sharp image.
Remove one of the beaters and tape your blood sample to the other one.
Sample them in this indulgent dinner for eight, as a whole or in selected parts.
Under dark field what you observe is the refracted light from the sample which will really light up your images.
Your health care provider will explain how to collect a sample.
And the data, that is the pay at a broad sample of financial companies, simply do not support her conclusion.
Sample great food and wine while enjoying live music and cooking demonstrations.
The sample sizes were somewhat small for some cases, too.
One type of test kit contains a special tissue that you use to collect the sample.
Neither side has a sufficiently large sample size to be able to make any causal inference from it.
Plus you can slide into mud baths and sample our favorite kind of bubbly delight, sparkling wine.
One of his experiments, presented online, repeatedly froze a sample of hot water faster than a similar sample of cool water.
Econometric purists can justifiably pick holes in their choices of sample countries, time periods and statistical methods.
The wicker coffee table was a discounted floor sample.
Happily, you'll now find many paints in inexpensive sample sizes.
Sample dozens of varieties not commonly found in grocery stores, and purchase plants.
Sample it before you buy to make sure you're getting the good stuff.
Spend your morning on the beach then roam the rolling vineyards and sample local wines in the afternoon.
Sample town and country in a region touched by three distinctive historical figures.
Technicians simply load the patient's saliva sample and wait for results to display onscreen or on a printout.
There is a section where you can download corrected sample pages.
The numeracy quiz that the study's authors gave to their sample of borrowers was hardly rocket science.
Importantly, the change is proportional to the amount of drug in the sample.
Here are some sample questions provided by lawyers who sit in on such interviews.
The state of the dolomite sample after re-entry could help in the identification of these missing meteorites.
That's why you look at a much larger sample of data.
Students will look at a sample essay and see how many fragments they can identify individually.
And statistics work best when you have more than one sample.
After review of the applications a sample of research and reference contacts will be required.
My personal experience is that hospital birth is better, also a sample of one.
The remaining sample may not be representative of the full sample or of your population.
The sample you refer to and the implication that arises from the limits of the sample are only a part of a larger picture.
See a sample of the different messages available here.
Please submit cover letter, resume, and writing sample.
And more than one sample can be printed at once-the jaw on the screen only fills a corner of the tray, leaving room for others.
Following is a sample of what you'll see at the exhibit.
But this does not mean that those pollsters have the right mix of phone-owners in their sample.
Click through the gallery to sample our favorite selections.
Your health care provider will tell you what type of urine sample is needed.
The author had never heard of it or tasted it, and wished for a sample.
Only a sputum sample will reveal the organism causing the infection.
What it wanted was not letters of recommendation, which it already had, but transcripts and a writing sample.
Many, many teaching centers have sample teaching statements available on the web as well as advice for structuring your statement.
Sample seven snacks that will fire up your energy.
Industry sector estimates, especially for smaller geographies or industries, can be volatile due to smaller sample sizes.
The champagne tour visits three wineries to sample the bubbly and to learn about the history of the wineries.
Sample size needs to be large enough to account for variance, providing for meaningful statistical and thus predictive power.
The vast majority of the monkeys selected video images that corresponded to the number of individuals heard on the audio sample.
In traditional fluorescence microscopy the whole sample is usually lit by the laser from above.
By the nature of sleep experiments, it is difficult to obtain large sample sizes.
After registering on the site, study participants are shipped a package of information and a stool-sample kit.
The lack of a tissue sample means that the whale can't be traced to its original population using genetic markers.
The answer, unfortunately, is that the insurer's customers wouldn't be a representative sample of the population.
It does not wait to examine a bigger sample of less cogent memories.
Worse, these likely meaningless measurements were made on a grand total of fifteen psychopaths, an absurdly small sample.
Take a more or less representative sample of politically aware persons.
Read on to sample my sensational recipe for drumsticks, which transforms them into crowd-pleasing sliders.
Each student's genetics kit will come with two bar codes, one to be stuck on the sample and the other for the student to keep.
But, again, this low value only records an increasing inequality of sub-sample size.
He had a linguist rate each sample for density of ideas and grammatical complexity.
In schizophrenia research, one article stated that findings disappear when you double the sample.
He confirms the sample's chemical makeup as azurite using an infrared microscope.
But the paper has drawn harsh criticism from geneticists because of its small sample size.
As mentioned already, the story about diseases from pets is anecdotal at best, and represents a poor sample size.
Users send in a sample of their saliva and get back their genetic fingerprint, or genotype.
But the first point is of more concern to me: the aggregation of genuinely different societies into one sample.
But even in our limited sample, there are wild differences, and each new language yields exciting surprises.
But some jurisdictions also keep a physical sample, which could be the subject of further scrutiny in the future.
Each sample was exposed to the lab-generated sandstorm for five minutes and then weighed to find out how badly it had been eroded.
In the lab, this is done by measuring the way that light scatters through a blood sample.
The sample material is first polarized with a magnet.
As the sample flows through the microscope, each aperture captures an image.
In a diagnostic device, the dyes would be replaced by reagents that would wash over a sample in sequence.
Most detection systems in use today require a pure sample.
The sample shown in the glare of over head lights had no glare and the text underneath it was perfectly readable.
Additional chips can be added to the sample to boost accuracy or to detect different kinds of variations.
In areas where electricity is scarce, blood may not be adequately refrigerated, potentially degrading a sample's quality.
They could sample the tracks, and if they liked the music, they could take the additional step of downloading them.
The first step to jacking into your subconscious is to download a representative sample of your tweets.
The scientists then use a lower-power electron beam to image the sample, so that it holds up longer in the microscope.
Whenever he wins a day's stage, or finishes as one of the top cyclists in a longer race, he is required to provide a urine sample.
Statistically speaking, there may be a sample-selection problem.
As a control sample, the scientists gave the same puzzles to forty-eight students working by themselves.
The biggest challenge is going through the stacks of enormous sample books to choose the wall covering that's right for you.
Use the sample complaint below to draft a complaint letter or e-mail.
The following is a sample qualified written request from you, the borrower, to a lender.
Attached are sample examination questions to aid you in your study.
The sample questions given below are intended as samples only.
The sample mean is calculated by summing the values in the sample and dividing by the number of values in the sample.
Mail subscriptions to sample boxes are boosting the beauty industry.

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