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After thousands of years of sameness, life altered in radical ways.
It was something else, an awesome expanse of reedy sameness.
All of it has certain sameness no matter what the outlet.
The reason for not comprehensively reading this offering is boredom with sameness.
Nevertheless, there will be a sameness due to the limits of a single personality.
All this sameness is a big problem for the apparel business.
In no other part of the rich world is this idea so zealously upheld-to the point of sometimes being confused with sameness.
The sameness is depressing in some ways, but far better than the sullen bread queues that epitomised communism.
But eventually that commitment to ubiquity and sameness killed the company.
You've met the other regulars and now revel in the sameness, day after day.
These only highlight the sameness of the characters' speech.
It seems that giants in industry are taking refuge in sameness.
Underneath life's variety, from mites to mastodons, there's a profound sameness.
There's a certain sameness to chefs' live cooking demos.
And yet, in spite of the various settings, there is a sameness about much of the action.
Within sameness, there is variety, artists have proved.
They desire sameness without anxiety, and that is a different thing altogether.
The air was hot and still, and the brown, barren land stretched out on every side for leagues of dreary sameness.
They are of different races, from different places, but their tales and laments have a haunting sameness.
There's a depressing sameness to them, but these kinds of stories can't be told often enough.
Viewers, for their part, may be turning to news out of exasperation with the sameness of network entertainment fare.
IF you eat in restaurants often enough, you've probably noticed the stultifying sameness of so many menus.
Month by month the unbelievable sameness of musical films becomes a more terrifying phenomenon.
It's a unique piece in a world of leather jackets plagued by sameness.
That's fine, but the listener senses a danger here-sameness.
Seen from the beach or a sea cliff, the ocean seems to have a uniform sameness, a vast monotony.

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