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But at the same time, it's surprising what you may find at a place that doesn't look that exciting at the outset.
When what purports to be the same item is re-scanned at some later date, it should show the same pattern of speckle.
Monkeys and their human cousins don't necessarily see the world the same way.
The planets all revolve around the sun in the same direction and in virtually the same plane.
He loved cats, and a friend says he lived nine lives-all at the same time.
If an own-root rose freezes to the ground, any new growth that emerges will be the same variety.
Certain words can shake the blogosphere in much the same way earthquakes stir the planet.
And with it a committee to revise same every five years.
The fit and output gap varies but the underlying story is the same.
They say the telltale sign is a measure of co-movement, or the likelihood of stocks to move in the same direction.
If you send the same package you are depending on the job, committee, or other applicants changing.
It is difficult to measure the planet and people accounts in the same terms as profits-that is, in terms of cash.
Spotted salamanders return to the same mating pool via the same route every year.
For the same reason they do it with two slugs living on different sides of a river.
They painted on panels cut from the same oak tree, which suggests they made joint purchases of art supplies from the same vendor.
You'll find the same seclusion the stars sought on this typically uncrowded stretch.
Sometimes, the game behaves the same way as real life and sometimes it doesn't.
At the same time the price tag on gathering genetic data is now much lower than it used to be.
Then make the same gesture, but with your palm facing your body.
In the same way someone who hasn't had the experience can't say there is no blue.
Monkeys suffer the same fate only rarely, but then again they can't sing or dance.
Nutmeg and mace come from the same plant, yet nutmeg gets all the press.
Amyloid diseases share the same molecular substructure.
Or customers might want to take the same phone to a different carrier after their service contract ends.
By the same token, not all agents are shady operators.
For a few days surrounding the solstice, however, our star seems to rise and set at the same locations.
Even the same clock will record different rates of change in different physical contexts.
Chances of winning without making a purchase are the same as the chances of someone who buys something.
After all, both treatments have the same general mechanism.
If they are different audiences then the purpose of presenting the same paper is to enlighten those different audiences.
Some of us have discovered the truth that nature, animals, and every single being on this planet is made of the same elements.
Backscatter machines are thus many times more dangerous than other sources of ionizing radiation at the same measured dosage.
But admittedly, the same old songs and arrangements can get tiresome.
It's because colleges can produce online courses much more cheaply while charging roughly the same tuition.
Much of his research is on rats, but he says the same basic principles apply to human memory as well.
Their dramatic flower heads have the same tough perfection.
They speak the same language and share the same culture.
Empty space is full, particles are waves, and cats can be both alive and dead at the same time.
The second observation point rests in almost the exact same position due east of the towers.
As part of the lecture, he'll be screening pictures of his own garden and of other gardens that fit the same category.
Our common intuition says that if you make a bigger drop, all things should be bigger to make the same effect.
Conventional wisdom suggested that breaking the record would mean running faster with the same strategy.
Quantum coherence describes how more than one molecule interacts with the same energy from one incoming photon at the same time.
Most players see a corked bat as a bigger bat that weighs the same as a smaller bat.
T-Mobile's contract cancellation fee remains the same.
Although urban areas are built by and for humans, wildlife also has to share the same spaces.
But in either case, the basic scientific concepts are still the same.
The researchers suggest that the pilot whales are exhibiting the same behavior.
In a way it's bleak, but at the same time it's beautiful.
Traveling for a long distance on the same road over and over again brings out a peculiar keenness of eye in the observer.
Lots of companies get stuck looking and saying the same thing.
And loans were about the same fraction of the house's value.
The same birds ignored subtly different calls warning of leopards, which do not tend to prey on the birds.
Arrange the stems at the same height so the bouquet takes on a rounded shape.
The urine scent marks would be used in the same way the dogs use urine to demarcate their territory.
The same is absolutely true for sugar subsidies by the way.
But for each, the color stays the same from day to day, and year to year.
They have the same coloring compounds that make cabbage red, however.
Autism and savant syndrome overlap, but they are not the same thing.
In terms of formal logic, the problems are the same.
They're made with the same plants we've been ignoring.
The same setup swapped to the rear port is intermittent.
They must invite the same friends to each service separately.
What they share is willingness to use the same brutal tactics to achieve their goals.
Although a photograph always shows the same things, that doesn't mean those things are always seen the same.
Note that these dots have the same horizontal position as the red dots.
Get off the beaten path-you'll never see the world the same way again.
Ask students that have the same profession to gather in teams and compare their answers.
To put it simply: a dollar should buy the same everywhere.
The idea of the production line is echoed in his use of printmaking, in which many copies of the same image can be reproduced.
The timber-frame arbor shown at left covers an outlying patio on the same property, and it is truly spectacular in the daylight.
In many animals, relatives tend to stay close, either sharing the same territory or living in neighboring ones.
These pots, of different sizes but the same color, contain plants in shades that echo the garden's overall scheme.
If you don't have the time to plant a living wall, you can get the same dramatic effect by framing a garden of succulents.
The easiest thing to do is buy new hardware that's the same size as the old.
Maybe they hunted the same way was the largest snakes today, anacondas.
And let's not even go into the fact that some of those bones weren't even found in the same place.
They won't all be the same, but they will probably trend toward some particular end.
The same basic understanding seems to have sprung up spontaneously at other spots.
No two people are in same place at the same time across their lives.
Every school has the same national goals and draws from the same pool of university-trained educators.
Now take a look at the same house before the garden renovation.
The fruits are borne at the same time as urn-shaped flowers among dark evergreen leaves.
My shower wall does the same thing without me having to do anything at all.
At the same time, though, more students reported that their parents were out of work.
One, in handwriting eyes and hands focus upon the same thing, the letter in formation.
Not all candidates can be in the same place at the same time, so the schedule for interviews can stretch out over a month.
However, almost all colleges-for-profit and nonprofit-price online courses the same as or higher than their face-to-face courses.
Tarantulas use the same scare tactics as hot chilies to avoid being eaten, a new study suggests.
Warthogs are members of the same family as domestic pigs, but present a much different appearance.
Ask students to note the other breeds that are in the same geographical location as their own breed.
The truth is that everyone may get the same rewards, but virtually everyone will be worse off.
And the economy emerging from recession is not the same as the one that went in.
The first is that the mutations themselves are random, and the odds of the same mutations occurring in the same order are slim.
Revenge actually is sweet: it stimulates the same types of reward centers in the brain that desserts, desire and drugs do.
Jets leave white trails, or contrails, in their wakes for the same reason you can sometimes see your breath.
The same situation holds for those who think all religions are basically the same and all are true.
In fact, both eyes are exactly the same shade of gray.
The latent content of all languages is the same-the intuitive science of experience.
If several are appointed for the same time, then they take precedence in the order in which they were made.
The same thing happens upon viewing an object in various degrees of light.
Wonderful is the supreme wisdom of the jail that makes all think the same thought.
Such a medley of contradictions, and at the same time such an individual consistency, were never united in the same character.
During the said term no other nation shall enjoy the same privileges within the ceded territories.
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
There are a surprising number of echoes-in casting, in plot lines, in certain shots-of past work by the same people.
It is actually the same recurring art, and you write the dialogue.
Being told where you are, however, is not the same as knowing where you are.
Such a broad social development seems to require an explanation on the same scale.
You're the same wilderness you've always been, slashing through briars, the bracken of your invasive self.
The group's goal is to broaden the appeal of the environmental movement and, at the same time, bring jobs to poor neighborhoods.
Batteries are incredibly expensive compared to a metal tank to store the same total amount of energy.
Entanglement is the strange quantum phenomenon in which objects become so closely linked that they share the same existence.
Instead, the rotor shaft is attached directly to the generator, which spins at the same speed as the blades.
The technique relies on the strange quantum phenomenon called entanglement, in which two particles share the same existence.
The researchers have now demonstrated the same effect on metal surfaces.
In such a setup, the rotor shaft is attached directly to the generator, and they both turn at the same speed.
The company has also developed a method for using those same power cables to carry data.
The upper line looks longer than the lower line, even though they're the same length.
For a good reason: the brain uses the same tools to construct the memory from the available raw materials.
Farmers and herders have known for centuries that herds of cattle have an uncanny ability to all point in the same direction.
If their left field of vision was frosted, they went the same way.
Not only are these organs superficially similar to ours, they're also constructed from the same genetic building blocks.
It's a code, and has the right information in it, but it's not the same as hearing the orchestra.
At the time, geneticists were learning how to sequence genes and compare different versions of the same genes among individuals.
They reported the same nightmares, the same panics, the same hair-trigger vigilance their parents had.
It makes me think of automobiles, and how each one will have certain things to change out at about the same mileage.
It may seem strange to talk about a chunk of computer code in the same way you talk about a cherry tree or a dolphin.
In fact, they were about the same size as those of the females-from- birth.
Journalists who initially came to her defense started to back away when they realized they weren't really in the same business.
But both parties are not rotten in quite the same way.
What he didn't tell them was both were the same wine.
The revolving door spins the same for those on both sides of the political aisle.
For more than two decades, economists have been running versions of the same experiment.
Grind up the scallions in the food processor until they're about the same size as the ginger.
That's because capellini absorbs more water as it cooks and bulks up more than the same weight of spaghetti.
Make more cookies with remaining dough in same manner.
He said that it was always found on the same supper table as her delectable crab cakes.
They didn't have to grow out of control and, at the same time, get so weak.
Turn it over and cook second side in same way, moving tortilla around to compensate for any hot spots on comal if necessary.
Cook until underside is golden and turn portions over again in same manner.
Fish, poultry, or meat orders all get the same attention.
Make more rolls with remaining dough in same manner.
Domestic cats, wild bobcats and pumas that live in the same area share the same diseases.
The same is true for drugs that block neurotransmitters, except in reverse.
Many of them may be going through the same difficult decision process and coming up against the same stumbling blocks.
He was seventy-five years old and he had this same serenity, this satisfaction of a finished task.
Different subject matter, but the same struggle to represent.
The argument is that systems with the same nonconscious functional organization must have the same sort of conscious experiences.
It was long known that nicotine acts on the same receptor as the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.
All the same, since the war the rich kept a prudently low profile.
Jim tries to ignore the looks, and answers the same questions he has been asked dozens of times this fall.
Following an afternoon of frantic e-mail exchanges, you inch your way home through the same traffic.
They glued together a bunch of countries and cultures that didn't really belong together in the same currency.
But at the same time, he is one of the last press barons who actually loves newspapers.
On the same device, the communications frequency had suddenly disappeared.
The results range from transcendent to downright intolerable, sometimes within the same song, but they are never predictable.
When she chooses to reveal herself, what she reveals is not always the same thing as the truth.
Maybe it's because the hangovers are all the same, and it's the drinks that are different.
At the same time, there is an enormous potential windfall in the taxation of marijuana.

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