salvo in a sentence

Example sentences for salvo

But under salvo or cloudy conditions, you've got problems.
By some measures, the government's initial salvo was a qualified success.
Hardly a week goes by without another salvo in the music wars, which have been going on now for years.
Two new books and a exhibition offer the opening salvo in what will be a continuing barrage.
Browsing through the pictures shows that this salvo of updates has been a winner.
The next day, he rushed to get her reaction to the all-star salvo.
It answers any ill-advised criticism with a salvo of lawsuits.
It was an early salvo in what would become an endless, thankless, unwinnable war.

Famous quotes containing the word salvo

Old heavens, you used to tweak above us, Standing like rain whenever a salvo . . . Old heavens, You lying t... more
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