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With kernel seasonings you can address the salty and the sweet cravings quite nicely.
It keeps pretty well, and kernel seasonings come in salty and sweet flavors to help curb different cravings.
Her words were far from glowing, describing the food as salty and the dining conditions unsanitary.
It also leaves a salty residue causing pollution and opening the ecosystems up for new invasive species.
In other words, oily dough with a sweet and salty flavor.
The simple addition of caramelized apples and salty blue cheese gives this tasty soup a sophisticated feel.
For a taste of the tropics, top this burger with a combination of sweet and salty spam and pineapple.
The main-course strata pairs eggs and asparagus accented with salty prosciutto, lemon, and chives.
Tabbouleh gets a zingy makeover, thanks to aromatic mint and salty, tangy preserved lemon.
Salty prosciutto is balanced with tender bites of sweet figs in this elegant topping combination.
The interplay of salty cheese, rosemary, and pungent onion makes this pizza bold and flavorful.
Cheaply manufactured, energy-dense, sugary and salty snacks now crowd our refrigerators and pantries.
They thrive on sun and heat, and will produce fruit in water that is ten times as salty as human beings should drink.
The key lies in the curds: morsels of un-aged cheese, salty on the tongue and squeaky on the teeth.
Once the shellfish open, they release a salty brine that makes this quick broth magic.
For almost everyone, lucrative contracts with big food companies encourage the use of fat-laden, salty processed ingredients.
We have made wonderful smoked salty chocolate, salty caramel, and strawberry pink peppercorn sorbet.
Venison comes relatively unadorned, in dapper little rectangles that are tender and salty.
There's certainly satisfaction to be found in a juicy burger accompanied by vinegary pickles, or the thick, salty crab dip.
We always complained: the soup was too salty, peas were served too often, the weather forecaster was obviously lying.
The writer calls oysters the food equivalent of the salty air.
Not only was it globally warmer, but less salty overall.
In its final form, the vaccine is freeze-dried, then mixed with a small amount of a salty buffer that protects it.
In some places, the groundwater is too salty to drink.
It usually is tasteless, but may be recognized at times by a salty aftertaste.
Y ou can take only so much sweetness before you crave something salty.
She writes well about her life, offering up the salty, sweet and starchy bits.
More to the point, they break down slowly in warm, salty conditions of the sort found in the body.
The result: the higher the noise level, the less the participants tasted salty or sweet flavors.
Drilling deeper is not an option: the low-lying aquifer is too salty.
He likes salty memorable phrases, rather than euphemisms and evasions.
All around, low pools are filled with clear water, salty to the taste.
Not only was the sea drying up, it was growing lethally salty.
The water coming out is red due to iron, and is incredibly salty with almost no oxygen in it.
Now only a pool of salty brine, unfit to drink, remains.
He smells the salty ocean when chemicals are released through a tube that is positioned right by his nose.
Another possibility is a salty crust, which would be a sign of water's effects in concentrating the salts.
Its flavor is frequently characterized as revoltingly bitter or salty.
But residents and visitors can easily take a quick break from the city to breathe in salty, ocean air at a nearby beach.
Every time your paddle cuts through the salty water, the lagoon comes alive with light.
The salty spray emanating from the ocean acts as an atmospheric cleaner, new research suggests.
Microbes thriving in salty, alkali waters containing arsenic.
For example, mixing salt with water creates a clear solution, even though the salt is there and the solution tastes salty.
The sea has shriveled into three major residual lakes, two of which are so salty that fish have disappeared.
Neither group responded differently to salty tastes.
The compounds had no effect on salty, sour, bitter or umami tasting.
When the fluid comes back up, it carries extremely salty water that can contain heavy metals and radioactive elements.
Some parts of the oceans near the poles are getting less salty due to ice-melting.
Ice when melted is fresh water, it does not mix with the salty oceans, it stays as a thin layer on top of the salt water.
He has actually restored salty depleted lands, his methods will astound you.
People are wired to eat salty foods because salt is generally in short supply in the wild.
But there's no evidence that humans were confined to deserts and forced to eat salty terrestrial plant life in order to survive.
Three hundred million people now get their water from the sea or from brackish groundwater that is too salty to drink.
They decided against it for fear of harming the creature's tissues, so instead the animal will soften up in a salty bath.
Some birds take flight immediately, while others land in the salty waters and take off from there.
Years followed as the salty waves gently caresses the abandoned ship, slowing reducing it down to a skeleton of rusted steel.
They graze on salty vegetation, so they drink much more than other horses and usually appear bloated or fat.
More snow made the top layers of the ocean less salty and thus less dense.
Add a couple of inches of salty water to the bottom of the bowl, and then place an empty cup in the center of the bowl.
Then they add less salty water, being careful to keep the layers from mixing.
We huddle around a communal bowl, sharing spoons to dip out mouthfuls of salty macaroni seasoned with desert herbs.
From cookies to caramel corn and donuts to pizza, satisfy your sweet and salty cravings with peanut butter-inspired desserts.
And the ranch icing pushed the whole thing in a rich and salty direction.
Dillon's basic strategy is to make hearty fare with enough sharp and salty accents that it doesn't feel too hearty.
And it works, because salty and sweet have always had a thing for each other.
One batch might be sweeter, one a little on the salty side, but it was all edible.
Flavors of apricot, pineapple and herbs made the ham taste sweeter and less salty.
Sure, your tongue knows its sweet from sour, bitter from salty.
She has no tolerance for garish, salty, gluey or wiggly.
It's meant to be eaten warm, with tepid, salty milk-water dripping profusely from it.
Unusual for land mammals, the salt marsh harvest mouse can tolerate quite salty water and food.
Deep water gets colder at depth because cold, salty ocean water sinks to the bottom of the ocean basins.
The pinnacles form when salty water rises up from underlying muds.
Here salty water flows over a rotating drum that is cooled below the freezing point of water.
Your skin tends to be salty-this is one way your body protects you against bacteria on your skin.
However, if you remove half the water, it's twice as salty.

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