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It's a complex drama of power and violence salted with a little magic and pageantry.
Fins are later salted and dried for sale to consumers.
Revelers eat traditional moon cakes filled with lotus seed and salted egg yolk, or one of many newer varieties.
Have ready a frying-pan two-thirds full of boiling salted water, allowing one-half tablespoon salt to one quart of water.
Add potatoes cut in one-fourth inch slices, which have been parboiled eight minutes in boiling salted water.
Pare an egg plant, cut in one-fourth inch slices, and soak over night in cold salted water.
Old spinach is better cooked in boiling salted water, allowing two quarts water to one peck spinach.
Cook rice in boiling salted water, drain, and pour over hot water to thoroughly rinse.
Cook eggplant fifteen minutes in boiling salted water to cover.
Cook in boiling salted water until soft, which is easily determined by piercing with a skewer.
Parboil roe in salted, acidulated water twenty minutes.
Wash, pare, and cook twenty minutes in boiling salted water to cover.
Dip slices of dry toast quickly in boiling salted water, allowing one-half teaspoon salt to one cup boiling water.
One of the items was salted flying-fish, by the way.
When the chop came he vigorously peppered it and salted it.
In the hot, moist climate fresh meat will not keep and even salted meat has been known to spoil.
Boil pasta in salted water according to package directions.
Boiled peanuts are raw peanuts cooked in their shells in salted water for many hours.
Bring a large pot of salted water or stock to a boil.
You'll start with a fish course such as salted herring, which is followed by meat such as reindeer.
Bring a large pot of salted water to a rolling boil.
The main roads have been salted well, but not perfectly.
Mindful of his audience, he salted his rhetoric with rustic metaphors.
After bad harvests and in cold winters the only thing that kept starvation at bay was heavily salted meat-with pepper.
If you suspect that they are hot, soak them in salted water overnight.
Meanwhile, cook the pasta in boiling, salted water according to the package directions.
Believing that food slowed up the creative process, the producer limited their lunches to a snack of bananas and salted peanuts.
Spread the pieces in a large dish, and sprinkle lightly with salted water until slightly damp but not wet.
Put a large pot of salted water on a stove and bring to boil.
Drain and rinse again the prepared chicory, and throw it into a cauldron of slightly salted boiling water.
Bring a large pot of salted water to a rolling boil and drop in the pasta.
Mahimahi is over-salted and no match for the garlic in a side of sticky rice.
The priest blessed the construction site by sprinkling its four corners with little squares of salted paper.
But she did pick up half a pound of salted, cured meat.
Caviar, or salted sturgeon eggs, hasn't always been so valuable.
Bring a large pot of heavily salted water to a boil over high heat.
Cook in salted water until tender a calf's heart and lung, together with an onion.
To make it, get a pot of salted boiling water ready for the pasta.
Boil noodles in salted water according to package directions and drain.
Cover potatoes with cold salted water in a large pot, then bring to a boil.
Add half of gnocchi to a pasta pot of well-salted boiling water and stir.
The crust was impeccable: charred, full of flavor, perfectly salted and fermented.
It won over tasters with that flavor pair-up of the moment, salted caramel.
Add the peas to a large pot of rapidly boiling, generously salted water.
It's a warm bittersweet-chocolate cake in a pool of caramel strewn with cocoa nibs, and on top is a scoop of salted peanut gelato.
If so, the salted water will require more exposure to the heat before boiling than would the distilled water.

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