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Here is a savory, warm little pancake made with a bean batter and topped with cream or yogurt and smoked salmon.
Before salmon were farmed, supermarkets found the unpredictable supply made it difficult to sell.
Salmon in all their varieties are a great resource for humanity.
Slide a whole salmon fillet onto the grill, along with vegetable skewers.
Wild salmon are normally born in freshwater and migrate to the sea.
Although farmed salmon is available all year, wild salmon does have a season, and that season is now.
Salmon and trout are more sensitive to water quality, making land-based systems more expensive.
One sockeye salmon fisherman is in deep deep trouble.
Crumble crunchy won tons into this twist on a traditional salmon salad for a crisp texture.
More than half the salmon eaten these days comes from fish farms.
Salmon officials note the industry's long record of safety and its quality control methods.
As a result, seabirds starved and salmon runs declined.
Toss in chicken, shrimp, or salmon for a quick and satisfying meal.
Don't worry, they're perfectly harmless, say the creators of a genetically modified salmon.
Escaped farm fish risk playing genetic havoc with local salmon.
Mingle tastes from the forest and the sea by grilling fresh salmon on a cedar plank.
Their fatal mistake, perhaps, was to toast the birth of the single currency with champagne and smoked salmon canap├ęs.
Use it to flavor everything from salmon to mushrooms.
The animal world has its share of celebrated navigators, from flocking geese to spawning salmon.
We supplemented our menu with excellent store-bought goodies, from smoked salmon and salami to cheeses and chocolates.
Today the lake is a reservoir and popular salmon fishing location.
The number of salmon and herring eggs destroyed was put in the billions.
Salmon is always good and can be done with a bit of lemon juice, however.
Abundant salmon comes from the sea, not fish farms offshore.
As the salmon tries to break away by diving, she goes deeper, driving it near the surface again.
AT one time, all it took to enjoy smoked salmon was a bagel.
Hardboiled eggs cut in half and topped with salmon caviar are a common appetizer.
Where there are salmon streams there usually are bears.
They may be cute, but to salmon fisherman turned vigilantes, looks aren't everything.
The party is packed with the flavors of the season and the region, from succulent cured salmon to sweet, dead-ripe blackberries.
In their search for food they hunted, gathered and fished for salmon.
Fishing for salmon and camping out among the ice, tundra and lava might help cut costs.
Walk past the gumball machine into a large room with a salmon-colored cinder-block wall.
Farmed salmon, kept in unnaturally high densities, are a breeding ground for parasitic sea lice.
In the first year of their life, pink salmon eat more pteropods than anything else.
The trees shade the streams and wood-falls create lagoons that promote ideal conditions for salmon.
Big dams stop anadromous fish, the best-known of which are salmon, returning to their spawning-grounds to breed.
As someone once remarked, however, there is no such thing as a free week's salmon fishing.
Or you might catch a steelhead, trout, crappie or coho salmon in the lake.
Salmon run season occurs during the summer and early fall months.
Fishing lodges along these waterways offer pike, walleye, trout and salmon fishing.
Even the authors believed salmon would be an alternative prey, reserved for times when deer were scarce.
Approval expected for genetically modified salmon.
Salmon, for example, had increased mortality for four years after the spill because incubating eggs had come into contact with it.
They ate fruit salad with honey dressing as well as salmon and abalone.
Sockeye salmon may use their ultraviolet perception to see food.
Small fin routinely removed from salmon turns out to have important sensory function.
Then the creeks slowed, the salmon run thinned, and they were gone.
Polar bears are too big, he notes, thanks to their diet of seal and salmon.
Once salmon enter freshwater on their upstream journey, they stop feeding and depend on stored energy reserves.
Whatever else you set out, great smoked salmon will always draw a crowd.
Smoked sable is as moist as smoked salmon, but with a voluptuous silkiness.
The writer recalls fishing for salmon with his father, who was a doctor.
While none of the sushi rolls are shabby, it's probably best to stick with the fresh-tasting salmon rolls.
He was wearing a thick blue turtleneck sweater, and he picked at a platter of takeout pasta with salmon as he talked.
Breakfast-omelettes, egg sandwiches, and bagels with smoked salmon-is served all day.
Nobody told me that lox lived a double life as smoked salmon, or that herring could ever be kippered.
The next was almost wholly white, yet with a salmon glaze at the throat.
Pacific salmon rely on nearshore waters and estuaries for survival during a part of their life cycle.
By carefully releasing salmon, you contribute to the likelihood of improving their survival rate.
Fall is the time when salmon return to local streams to spawn.
Smaller salmon biting closer to surface using yellow lures.

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