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Gather necessary information and salient facts before making an important decision.
The salient quality of them all is their sincerity and directness.
It's a salient feature of modern media that being thought to be popular can make you more popular.
Here is my take on several of their more salient observations.
Basically if you want to make a frightening scene you take whatever characteristics of that scene are salient and turn them align.
In other cases, the meaning of salient beliefs is quite different than that which outsiders might imagine.
The salient characteristic of some forms of communication is how little of any substance is being communicated, and how poorly.
In some contexts, these attributes are more salient than in others.
Knight's lack of size only makes that point more salient.
The salient point in this article is the ethical and/or political difficulty in establishment of exploration or remedy.
The salient fact is that some molecule or some part of the brain underlies various aspects of consciousness or unconsciousness.
But the two officers were perfectly calm, even friendly, as they relayed the salient facts.
But now regular people are identifying this new approach's salient features as well.
Gains in disposable income are key for sustainable growth in demand, but they're also a salient political indicator.
It's difficult to pin down a single salient shortcoming, but its low productivity is a good place to start.
But she pioneers a salient technique: undressing in public, strategically.
And yet the topic remains as salient as it has ever been.
In fact rather then making salient points, you are using rhetorical exercises.
You're conveniently ignoring the salient portions of his interview.
Maybe having a table with figures accompanying it would help to ram salient points.
One, known variously as explicit or declarative memory, records the salient details of an individual's life.
Leverage-increasing the likely gain or loss from an investment of a given size-is the salient feature of many derivatives.
Before predicting a collapse in the euro's value, however, it is worth remembering a couple of salient facts.
Birth is a metaphysically arbitrary line, but it's a supremely salient socio-psychological one.
Their geographical and economic isolation is surely their salient characteristic.
They are involved in parts of the brain that help to pick out the salient features used to identify individuals.
All-or-nothing proposals are especially salient and likely to provoke a fight.
But it does raise the question of what is and is not evolutionarily salient.
The items will be purchased on a brand name or equal basis in strict accordance with the attached salient characteristics.

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