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Little sales of leather and such beautiful beautiful, beautiful beautiful.
The local population earns income from fishing, raising livestock, and sales of handicrafts.
The best plant sales of the year are right around the corner.
We will work with you to help promote it to your sales staff or provide links to our order form from your gift site.
Advertising units that are split run appear in main run circulation only, not in single copy sales.
But it hasn't exactly inspired a bunch of innovation rallies and bake sales.
Sometimes the hoopla translates into increased ticket sales for those nominees still playing in theaters.
And so scientists not only surveyed adult turtles and their nests but also looked at turtle and egg sales in the local markets.
Lithium ion battery sales set to rev up thanks mainly to e-bikes and scooters.
Rates are available from any advertising sales office.
Plus, drug companies are making billions of dollars from the sales of these meds.
Researchers say the finding may explain why marketers are able to bolster sagging sales by simply repackaging old products.
What do you think they will do to curb the inappropriate use of thousands of tons of antibiotic sales.
Simplicity does not necessarily translate into sales, however.
Those who voted in a school were more likely than other voters to favor raising the sales tax to fund education.
Retail sales, producer prices, wages and exchange rates.
As other industries collapse, sales of video games are racing away.
Many make their money from flash sales-brief offers of steep discounts on products-that are advertised to registered members.
Get everything right and sales rise all round, from the magazine to the lipstick and the nail-varnish.
Retail sales, producer prices, wages and exchange rates.
Textbook sales are falling at many university presses, a trend that has accelerated in the past couple of months.
In a good many cases, administrators have also shut down the sales and tried to punish the would-be vendors.
The sales tax has nothing to do with the restaurant's product or service.
Our faculty and staff shop nearby and pay income, property, and sales taxes.
But wait-it might be time to take a deep breath to let the excitement of the sales pitch fade.
Unlike the sales of everything else these days-morning lattes, pricey dinners, corporate jets-the sales of chocolate are booming.
Many of the vehicles whose sales plunged were large pickup trucks that tend to get poor gas mileage.
If you're a shoe salesman, that human capital produces shoe sales.
Eventually, home sales will rebound and so will building.
New refinancing activity and additional sales could help to strengthen the economic recovery.
The industry usually considers a drug to be a blockbuster if it reaches a billion dollars a year in sales.
Sales are bad, but not quite as bad as this chart looks.
It broke sales records because it was something new, and because people wanted it.
They famously permitted fans to tape their shows, ceding a major revenue source in potential record sales.
If sales have been trending down, layoffs may begin.
If sales are consistently rising, then hiring might be necessary.
University presses, which depend on sales to libraries, cannot cover their costs by publishing monographs.
Faltering sales will undermine the confidence of businesses far more than fiscal consolidation will embolden them.
These failings pale to insignificance when one considers the sales figures.
Their demands were that the sales be investigated and officials removed.
Without adequate sales, businesses are only beginning to hire again.
Sales began slowly, but with favorable reviews and word of mouth, the novel became a sensation.
But commerce is increasingly prized in the book industry, which has been shaken by declining sales.
Ford's sales were up twenty per cent compared to a year ago.
In addition, don't forget, there is the nine-per-cent sales tax.
Door ticket sales begin one hour before start time and are cash only.
When album sales began to crumble and radio fragmented, these bands were mostly unaffected.
For example, dating sites typically do more than twice the amount of market testing to improve their paywall sales results.
The idea of newsstand sales doesn't enter into our decision-making process.
PC sales are sagging, while sales of mobile devices-smart phones and tablets-are on the rise.
Demonstrated success selling integrated sales programs for online, print and event properties.
Limiting the trial to those with the mutation would limit sales to those patients.
Under that program, the state aid decreases as sales of solar systems increase.
Of course, one inverter ties to one panel will generate good sales.
My success in business was a low price point and many more sales.
It's maddening that such a liar, such complete blowhard can command those kinds of sales.
Should be fairly simple to see if cigarette sales drop after introducing the new labels.
Many former jocks enter the sales field, for example.
Many top sales people, then enter senior management.
Mirror sales must be at an all time low in their vicinity.
Distributed electricity represents only retail electricity sales and does not include self-generation.
Furthermore, in games anyway, a lot of pirated copies are converted into sales.
Sterilizing the plants that bore these traits would guarantee seed suppliers repeat sales.
According to the company's customer logs, sales have more than doubled in the last three years.
When you go to the sales page listed below, don't order from that page.
The strongest signs of this change may be the boom in farmers' markets and organic food sales.
Sales tax applies to retail sales of certain tangible personal property and services.
Because there is no general sales tax, the state does not provide a sales tax exemption number.
Sales listed as undistributed inventory occur at chain agents that report statewide sales through a single location.
Sales tax applies to the sale, rental, or lease of tangible personal property and some services.
Newspapers and magazines traditionally have had three revenue sources: newsstand sales, subscriptions and advertising.
Bulbs for spring blooms are appearing at garden centers, in catalogs and at local sales.

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