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The simple answer is that the industrial age produced a business model that involved canning ideas in saleable packages.
For countless magazines, she was the consummate image of a highly saleable fantasy of romance and royalty and rebellion.
Drugs for chronic conditions are far more profitable because they keep working and remain saleable-unlike antibiotics.
It wanted the government to step in and make the bank saleable to a foreign buyer.
It's unfair but their basic business model is to buy a bunch of cars and then later figure out if they are saleable.
Science education and inspiration isn't some saleable product or property that needs selling.
Things that are politically saleable and things that will ultimately be effective.
First and foremost, the designers were looking to capitalize on a saleable and widely recognizable image from popular culture.
It revolved around saleable ideas, stock options and vesting.
Many entertainers have shortened their names, reversed them, or otherwise altered them to create a more saleable public image.
Chevron, however, could recover the hydrocarbons from the fuel gas system into saleable products.
Being able to recover saleable sulfur is an important economic benefit.
While damage is not usually lethal, infected plants are not saleable during the current year and growth is reduced.
Returns will only be accepted for full bolts of product that are uncut, unprocessed and in saleable condition.
Mix all dry breading ingredients into a large saleable plastic bag.
Donations of saleable merchandise are also solicited from the community.
Most annuities are saleable therefore transfer penalties will be rare.
Cattle from the entire region will not be saleable for some time until the release is contained for certain.
What's more, the digester provides some saleable byproducts.
Demonstrate merchandise, emphasizing saleable features.
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