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She at once made herself a salad of it, and ate it with much relish.
The salad fork, which will usually be the third used, is thus laid nearest to the plate.
Salad greens, strawberries, and sunflowers grow nearby.
Putting disposable razors head down in a bit of salad oil gives twice or even three times as many shaves per razor.
The room is full of jellyfish tanks ranging in size from salad bowls to wading pools.
Even a green salad was a rarity outside of the big cities there.
Only eat at restaurants that have a high variety salad bar and serve sea salt as a flavor enhancer.
Have some raw broccoli in your salad at lunch, have some steamed broccoli as part of your dinner.
Serve with fresh, white peasant bread, mashed potatoes and the sauerkraut salad.
The huge ape, unperturbed, pauses for a look down and then grabs another handful from his salad bowl environment.
Fat bangers and mash with a rocket salad and an iced drink.
The office gym has personal trainers and flyers with recipes for kale and quinoa salad.
The price of stir-frying and dressing a salad has rarely been higher.
McDonald's sells healthy fast food, such as fruit and walnut salad, as well as the usual slabs of meat and cheese in a bun.
It began as a joke, putting home-made salad dressing in an old wine bottle, tying it with a ribbon and giving it to friends.
And olive oil has other uses besides salad dressing.
It comes with a salad, bottled water, a book of walking tips and a pedometer.
She ordered lobster-and-crawfish bisque and a salad.
She would normally accompany this with a salad, but not here.
Perhaps an appetizer and a dinner salad is all you really need.
When dining out with someone else, consider splitting a meal and ordering an extra dinner salad.
She was the one who served the salad, who raced into the kitchen and raced back in her wheelchair.
Think: commercially prepared egg salad sandwiches and potato salads.
They ate fruit salad with honey dressing as well as salmon and abalone.
Sprightly bits of lemon zest and garlic punctuate this creamy mayonnaise-based egg salad.
Trout roe provides the perfect pop of color atop blini layered with simple egg salad and thinly sliced salmon.
The majority of the patterns are chunky, as if to indicate that this is the set for steak, not salad.
Then he went to a restaurant in the station and ordered rice and curry and a salad.
The ambrosia salad, replete with marshmallows and mandarin oranges, was surprisingly delicate.
To take the elemental white bean salad a bit further, you can customize it according to the season.
In effect, we're washing the whole nation's salad in one big sink.
Bring vinegar to boil while scraping bottom of pan, then pour over salad.
Consider potato salad: a pale mixture of boiled potatoes and mayonnaise that is sometimes appetizing but always wasteful.
The yogurt can be mixed into the salad or spooned over the top.
Add the cottage cheese to the salad and toss, or serve with the cottage cheese spooned on top.
The dressing is yogurt-based, and the salad is packed with flavorful herbs.
Dabbing a ball of sticky rice into a fiery green-papaya salad, the lady in red blinks back tears.
Also, basic things that you've always been taught: don't use the same cutting board for chicken and salad.
The kit contains a paired bottle of salad dressing and cooking sauce.
Dinner selections are served a la carte or as an entree with a side of pasta together with soup, salad and garlic bread.
Dip a fork in a cup of dressing, then spear your salad.
The meal service had an option of pizza or a steak and potato salad.
Along with the meat you'll be served a salad, cheese and possibly a meat or vegetable side dishes.
Cooked meat or fish can be easily tossed into a salad, wrap or pita bread.
The ginger dressing on the salad is especially addictive.
Forty years ago, salad as main course was a laughable notion.
Leave the granola and salad on the ground where it belongs.
In a small bowl, whisk together the lime juice and honey then pour over salad mix.
Add the tofu cubes then drizzle the dressing over the salad.
Drizzle the dressing over the salad and toss until well-coated.
Salad mix is a collection of leafy greens sold together in a bag.

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