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Refining crude oil into salable products is a commodity business.
The movement of the future for bio technology is to make many salable finished products from your feedstocks.
Their reason for being-and their residents' reason for living within them-was no longer to produce salable goods and services.
Typically, several pounds of small fish are needed to produce one pound of salable flesh.
Indeed, the difference is so important as to be a highly salable commodity.
What used to be called the cold war rhetoric is no longer salable.
Confiscation of equipment and salable oil to cover plugging costs.
Limited, noncommercial amounts may be collected for free, but larger amounts are salable.
Nurseries that grow stock to salable size must be inspected and certified.
Normally a foreclosure property will require extensive repairs to become salable.
The curriculum is occupationally centered, with a hands-on emphasis to produce salable skills.
The following organizations will pick up large items that are in salable condition.
Therefore, silica- the largest component of ash, can be used as a salable by- product for ashes.
Work on gasification of highly toxic substances into salable by-products is also a promising technology.

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We see daily that our lives are terrible and little, without continuity, buyable and salable at any moment,... more
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