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Scientists individually don't have to be saints in order for science overall to progress towards finding the truth.
And whatever details is given in these literature are proved by the method of spiritual practice by several saints.
He notes that disinterestedness is different from altruism, and that scientists needn't be saints.
Spin doctoring-the art of turning bad news into good and scoundrels into saints-goes back a long way.
Prosperity has indeed taken hold in the land of saints and scholars.
Not that the surveyed athletes are saints themselves.
The teachers at his school are saints with patience that would last all day.
There are always great saints and mystics and so on, but there's never been a period in which everybody was engrossed in religion.
So do the saints and martyrs appear to those who have suffered by them.
He is surrounded by other statues of emperors and bishops, politicians and saints.
While she prays to the saints, he waits for a chance to approach the roses.
Soon he had parishioners performing rituals of collective penitence and processing through their villages with statues of saints.

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Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.... more
For all the saints who from their labors rest, Who, to the world their steadfast faith confessed, your name... more
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