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Imagine being alone on the ocean for five or ten weeks, sailing in snow, ice and spray cruel as needles.
And they were more maneuverable than sailing ships, particularly along coastlines, where they could bombard forts and cities.
They're arboreal, and they use their gliding skills for sailing from tree to tree.
His differentness probably reinforced solitary pursuits-he gravitated to the river, to sketching, to sailing and to painting.
Boating and sailing and fishing, there are lots of fun things for families including hockey and many others for the school kids.
They filled their days with sailing, fishing and crabbing.
Sailing, he'd invite my friends and me to stay up half the night playing poker in an invariably smoke-filled cabin.
It would not be the first psychiatric drug to run aground in a large study after sailing through early trials.
But if you decide to leave the leap seconds out, the atomic clocks and the universe itself begin sailing on different paths.
But one sport has always been difficult to beam into fans' living rooms: sailing.
The brigs' design also sacrifices some sailing qualities in favour of powerful engines.
Having already lost a fingertip to sailing, she knows the risks.
New sailing technology transformed the seas from barriers to highways for ideas that travelled with trade goods to new lands.
But pursuing its crowded agenda to satisfaction will not be all smooth sailing.
Meanwhile the euro area, after a strong start, is sailing close to recession.
He also writes regularly on travel, fishing and sailing.
For him, it was a return to an old delight, soaring and sailing among the clouds.
Even if you haven't been on the water before, you can start sailing by easing into it.
It holds a full summer's worth of fishing, waterskiing, and sailing.
The swan song of the sailing ship has been sung these many years.
Heading out into the open sea can be exhilarating, but having adequate supplies is necessary to ensure smooth sailing.
Not until the middle of the century did the tonnage of steamships upon the sea begin to overhaul that of sailing ships.
Many hours went by whilst she was seeing everything, and in her delight she did not observe that the ship was sailing away.
The law of benefits is a difficult channel, which requires careful sailing, or rude boats.
He was, with several other recruits, put on board a vessel that was sailing down the river.
Once they are married, they no longer belong in a backwater, but find themselves again sailing in midstream.
When sailing a straight line, let sail out nearly perpendicular to the boat for maximum speed.
The physics of sailing has remained the same throughout all the changes in sailboat design.
We started sailing out and within a couple tacks, another one of our friends started sailing with us.
Gigs are wooden, oar-powered boats designed in earlier days to carry a pilot guide out to an approaching sailing ship.
Water-based activities from sailing to fishing are popular with visitors and locals alike.
Nautical maps can inspire seaside daydreams as well as provide a wealth of information for safe sailing.
Sailing, so long an intuitive art, has become a contest of technology.
The cargo will land in a spot that minimizes the number of times it'll be moved before sailing.
Links golf has more than a little in common with regatta sailing.
Nonetheless, conditions are pretty good for sailing: two feet of sea sway with a three- or four-foot swell.
One summer afternoon, the aspiring producer decided to slack off and go sailing.
And so the husbands conspired to design a sailing trip that would prove to us that a good time can be had by all on the water.
He loved the sea and he loved sailing and was always grateful for a ship.
The turquoise lake, the eternal hemlocks, the starlings sailing into clouds cut by rainbow.
Art is a form of exploration, of sailing off into the unknown alone, heading for those unmarked places on the map.
One of a boat and a beach called up ads for sailing holidays and boat shoes.
Solar sailing is a decades-old idea that, until now, nobody had been able to harness.
But finding winter work has not always been smooth sailing.
Stinking old sailing whalers have given way to stinking little steamers.
Knowledge of tides and currents is still critical because today's vessels are much larger than the old sailing ships.

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