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The more of the toy that floats above the water, the more sail area the wind has to act upon.
Extending those wings to catch the wind, the insect might have found it could sail across the water.
Ten steamships are due today from foreign ports and one is due to sail.
The lucky few whose parents can afford to educate them privately gain good exam results and sail into university.
When sailing a straight line, let sail out nearly perpendicular to the boat for maximum speed.
Reducing the sail to a minimum, the crew proceeded at nine knots.
Oracle spared even less expense, devising a paradigm-breaking trimaran with a wing for a sail.
The damaged sail is then lowered and minimal momentum is lost.
Instead, he should sail through the halls, proclaiming his longterm research plans.
The sail folds along the top of the fish and can open up in an instant.
The advantage, if it worked, would be that it could sail directly into the wind.
Two spiral galaxies sail into and through each other, pulling long trails of stars behind them, then come back and do it again.
Blackbird's rotating propeller-shaped sail is the motor.
He doesn't know this, but his case did not simply sail through as he seems to imagine that it did.
At times a sail would have been attached to the large forward pole, or bowsprit, at right.
When you sail in the ocean and you bumped in a new found continent, don t be surprised.
Its huge harbor was choked with hundreds of rotting ships that couldn't sail home because their crews had fled to the goldfields.
Later in the mission, the best bet for catching a flare is when the sail is near the horizon.
The differing shifts also mean that you can sail with people for two months that you rarely or only briefly see.
If you're not up for a sail in a gale, in any given month tides are stronger when the moon is either new or full.
Seafaring in the age of sail was backbreaking work and fraught with peril, but the sailor's real scourge was scurvy.
The four letter word for this stuff is actually an old acronym from the days of sail.
The best sailing craft can go faster than the wind is blowing, as long as they sail at an angle to the wind.
The lawyers want someone whose evidence will sail through in court without much question.
Sail down the slopes with snowboarders to learn about the laws of physics.
And when the clouds clear, you've got a different problem-thirty-knot headwinds that turn your surfboard into a sail.
These bolts are at the end of a long lever with a sail at the end.
The renegades had dashed out to throw their sail planes off into the wind.
The two of them would quietly sail away to safer shores.
We must begin to think of technology less as an anchor and more as a sail.
Emerging economies will sail through without any major upheavals.
Sail through our rogue's gallery of worthy sea and space pirates, and list your favorite buccaneers in the comments below.
Bulk dry carriers and oil tankers are also more likely to sail empty.
Thus a solar-sail can decrease its orbital radius by reflecting light at an angle and slowing in its orbit.
His ambition was to prove that balloons could sail to places that couldn't otherwise be reached.
He pointed with the urgency of a shipwrecked sailor spotting a sail.
As the shadow rises, it breaks into a cloud of tautly ribbed sail, aflame in the tropical sun.
The beam will reflect off the astronaut and thrust him toward the ship as if he were a solar sail.
Today, the harbor offers visitors the opportunity to charter vessels and sail nearby waters.
Today anyone with enough time and money can take several months off from the daily grind and sail around the world.
He that is embarked with the devil must sail with him.
We'd be making sail in the dawn, with a fair breeze, singing a chanty song wid no care to it.
They cheerfully announce that they've inherited money and do nothing but sail, play tennis, and party.
Then they watched it sail away and, without the slightest urgency, continue smoothly into the trees.
Scurvy killed more sailors than were lost in all sea battles during the age of sail.
The cart is quite aerodynamic, so it makes a crappy sail, but it's still a sail.
The even tried to launch, well paid to launch, a solar sail test vehicle a year or two back.
They sail the globe bearing such names on behalf of a grateful country.

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