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Collins said he is keeping his options open for the future.
Ninety-nine percent of the tinnitus sufferers said the treatment got rid of the disturbing phantom sound.
He said officials in the area did not receive adequate warning before the typhoon struck.
Amine said the new approach offers several advantages over current technologies.
Asked about this on a television chat show, two relations said they would not take the money.
It said that the firm did not fulfil professional responsibilities in audits of the company's financial statements.
He said advocates of career- and technical-education programs needed to make a convincing argument for federal dollars.
She said the university was pleased with the results of getting rid of early admission.
One-third said the administration honestly thought the war would be easier than it has turned out to be.
But first a word about why said odd-sounding vestment is appearing in these hallowed pages.
The company has said that its robots will be intelligent, adaptable, and inexpensive.
Many said they had delayed the start of new projects or were considering moving away from the field altogether.
Spring fox squirrels, he said, two adolescents and two adults.
The next day, he said that he had liked the piece a lot, sounding a little bit surprised at himself.
He said that it was always found on the same supper table as her delectable crab cakes.
We said yes, of course, hoping that some of the spare preserves would find their way into our pantry.
And each time, people have said the film couldn't make a profit.
They said the middle lot alone would have seven retaining walls.
He initially defended his response and said it was being unfairly twisted.
When the sun came up, he said, she was still waiting by the window.
The policemen--both white, in their middle thirties--said the defendant had the gun in his hand when they arrested him.
With that said, however, the government's presence in the housing market will not disappear entirely.
With these moves, the secretary said, he wants to instill a culture of saving in the department.
However, she said, the anatomy of the bones suggests that evolution took snakes' legs not by altering the way they grew.
It's been said that menudo cures the aftereffects of those multiple champagne toasts.
Amber is also said to be lightly fragrant, disease-resistant, and exceptionally vigorous.
They said it was less because of all claims they received.

Famous quotes containing the word said

What makes this Generation of Vermin so very Prolifick, is the indefatigable Diligence with which they apply themselves ... more
It used to be said in antislavery days that a people who would tacitly consent to the enslavement of 4,000,... more
The said truth is that it is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and... more
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