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Example sentences for sagacity

Never did human sagacity utter a more pregnant truth.
Fear is an instructor of great sagacity and the herald of all revolutions.
The latter is the sagacity to combine all these purposes for his own lasting benefit.
To this point therefore tend the observations which he has collected with great sagacity and industry.
But after the first year, popularity took second place to efficiency and sagacity.
Even the drained, drowsy, dead beat mind has the sagacity to know that there is something special about this day.
The shafts of those he asked were feathered with courtesy and kindness, but pointed with sagacity.
His investments in this country directed many others to our public domain who had great confidence in his sagacity.
They displayed surprising business sagacity, coupled with an exalted idea of the fulfillment of promises.
Its leaders have demonstrated their political sagacity.
It seems odd, but it is true, and moreover the power comes merely from what is known as business sagacity.

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