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It's a mixture of creating an atmosphere in which actors can feel safe enough to be dangerous.
When you travel abroad, the odds are you will have a safe and incident-free trip.
Second, let's identify the set of skills that are fundamental to safe and responsible teaching.
Stay indoors until the shaking stops and you're sure it's safe to exit.
Drilling for natural gas has gotten ahead of the science needed to prove it safe.
In general, my rule is that if the snow is freshly fallen it's pretty safe to eat.
So if you don't feel safe using chemicals around your family, don't use them around your pets.
Yes, traditional twin engine aircraft are considered safe because the second engine offers redundancy.
In exchange for his testimony, he and his family would be kept safe.
Others want to keep their money safe from expropriation by fickle governments, and hidden from thieving criminals.
By dragging the bodies of large animals aloft it hopes to keep them safe from scavengers such as hyenas.
It seems really safe to keep three levels of security in the event of a power outage on the grid, as explained.
Obviously access to safe drinking water is a huge problem, and lack of access to opportunities, and general poverty.
It's this enduring appeal coupled with a limited housing supply that make for about as safe a second-home bet as you'll find.
We take a lot of what goes into making a new car safe for the consumer for granted.
Asking whether cloned meat and milk are safe is not even the right question.
Looking confident and as if you know where you're going is the best way to stay safe.
But these days, avalanches don't often overtake skiers at resorts because the ski patrol makes sure the slopes are safe.
How to keep your house both clean and safe for your family and pets.
The safe keeping of the property is the question to be answered.
The plants are healthy and fertile, but definitely not safe to eat.
As accidents go, this one ended well, with the pilots making a safe if slightly fast landing.
Don't carry a lot of cash and lock any valuables in your hotel's safe.
It is safe for the both of you to bond to each no matter what your gender.
We think they are a safe bet to sweeten your tailgate.
By providing the plant with a safe pasture, the anemone benefits from the by-products of algae photosynthesis-sugar and oxygen.
To keep the koi safe from marauding raccoons and great blue herons, the pond has steep sides and hiding places for the fish.
It's a safe bet that global warming is causing more heat waves, climate experts say.
Many people don't realize that smart appliances can be our best friends in keeping us safe and sane.
As a tourist, you should feel safe anywhere in the country.
But a local medic explains that after being cooked at the right temperature the crow meat is absolutely safe to eat.
Learn what's being donE to keep super coasters both fun and safe.
They take turns sitting on a pair of eggs to keep them warm and safe from predators.
Eighteen percent of the world's population can't get safe drinking water.
Others say it's an amazing, laidback environment which is highly tolerant, not expensive and safe.
They use regular airlines, so they're as safe or unsafe as regular airlines are.
Seen from the safe distance of a satellite, it can be a thrilling spectacle.
Bleach is inexpensive, widely used and relatively safe when used in the correct amounts.
The desire to defend their brands gives food firms a strong incentive to ensure that their products are safe.
And tasty viceroy butterflies are safe from birds because they resemble monarchs, which are unpalatable.
It's probably safe to say you don't get to pocket the cash.
Water must be boiled or treated with iodine before it is safe to drink.
It takes two months of monkey-watching to be sure that a batch is safe.
Look below to locate food, water, and a safe place to build a nest.
Funds will help provide running water for safe drinking, sanitation facilities, and construction to accommodate more students.
It is also used as a safe harbor for consuming prey and breeding.
Regrowing bone requires a scaffold that is stiff, long-lasting and safe.
Predators have to be managed and made afraid of humans to keep them at a safe distance.
Nature reserves are meant to serve as safe havens for endangered species and keep human interference to a minimum.
It must have a built-in radar or sonar beam to get it to a safe landing.
If it seems rough and sandblasted, the pack is eroded and probably safe.
It is safe to bet that a flying motorcycle will never be a practical transportation option.
He figured he was a safe distance from the water's edge.
So to stay safe on the highway, remember: wear your seatbelt.
Proper storage of leftovers keeps them safe to eat for longer.
In safe aquarium settings, bubble rings are objects of play, not fear.
There will simply be way too many people with access for the information to ever be truly safe.
Find a safe, level location in your garden for the oven.
There must have been some other way that the eggs could have been kept safe and warm enough to develop properly.
Carter demonstrated which foods were safe, led foraging expeditions, and communicated through chimp vocalizations.
Even now they are not safe, for despite their elegant history and their acrobatic grace, they are flawed creatures.
No vessel seems safe, be it a supertanker or a private yacht.
Tourism too was prevalent, and the streets were safe.
We truly enjoyed a safe time which no longer exists.
As the crowds increase, the need of guiding this drift into safe channels becomes more urgent.
Thou wilt go safe from them, and no spear shall enter thy body.
If the government is cruel, the governor's life is not safe.
Pre-safe uses inflatable metal structures within the body to increase impact absorption.
We buckle up to be safe and find it ridiculous not to do so.
We should be creating a safe bicycle network that makes cycling a viable option.
My feeling is that it is better to be safe than sorry.
The learning environment should be safe and productive.
Reach out for advice, support, and the all-important safe place to vent.
In all of these cases, people know they are perfectly safe, but they are nonetheless frightened.
Mace's outbursts and failed to provide a safe place to work.
Take it home on a flash drive and store it someplace safe and out of the way.
So it's a safe bet that a majority of college applicants never participate in a single admissions interview.
We get to learn more about it by exploring it, while keeping it safe.
Once the beetles are a safe distance from the pile, they burrow into the ground and feast on their nugget for days.
Firefighters never stop practicing the skills they need to stay safe.
It has lots of beaches, people are friendly and it's safe.
Being in a refugee camp doesn't mean you're finally safe.
Once the first wave had gone, they thought it was safe to go down to the beach.
Protective padded safety zones keep delicate gear stable and safe.
One second there's a closed safe, and the next second the safe has been emptied.
The fish is also safe, although consumers are doubtful.
Inflation having ebbed as a public concern, several cities decided it was safe to push for more expensive water.
But conventional investing is not exactly safe either.
Bankers and hedge-fund managers talk enthusiastically about an environment that is safe, clean and efficient.
The question should be how to keep birds safe from planes.
Until then it is completely safe stored at existing nuclear plants.
It could also reduce the risk by ensuring cars maintain safe distances based on speed.
More important, recharging an old-fashioned alkaline battery is not safe.
Traveling by plane while you're pregnant is generally safe, but advance preparations are needed.
The report will set an upper limit for safe consumption of dioxins.
With the market in turmoil, the only safe bets may be at the box office.
Most of these deaths could be prevented with proper sanitation, combined with safe drinking water and better hygiene.
In fact, many people feel that for all the dangers, the relationships that develop at work are comparatively safe.
Han permits few illusions about his willingness to stay on the safe side of lines he can see.
It was one of the few safe or decent things he could really say.
Those measures, it's safe to say, are band-aids on a tumor.
They provide safe and liquid facilities for depositing money.
And it really allows the criminal to strike again, making all of us less safe.
The new financial structure might have worked out nevertheless had the loans been as safe as widely believed.
There is still plenty of chatter but it is safe, indistinct noise that remains in the background.
If that is enough to justify overruling, no important precedent would be safe.
And if our exposure is set to increase, the question that urgently needs answering is what level of terahertz exposure is safe.
As automakers put more communication technology into cars, regulators must decide if it's safe.
GM is playing it safe with its promised electric car, choosing a veteran battery supplier.
Genetically engineered pigs could provide a safe and reliable source of donor organs.
New reactor technologies offer poorer nations cheap, safe, efficient power.
Often compounds that appear safe in the rodents prove to be toxic in humans.
But in the future the technology could enable safe and rapid mechanized building construction.
Company studies proved that each drug, on its own, works and is safe.
While the devices are safe in the short term, they can cause damage to the muscle if used over decades.
The absence of a mechanism that can do damage means that microwave photons must be safe, they say.
Then they processed the particles to remove any extra surface charge, which can make the otherwise safe polymers toxic.
Diabetes and hypertension can be held at a safe, manageable level precisely because they are essentially stable diseases.
People who were promptly issued with iodine tablets ought to be safe, however.
If prescribing physicians didn't ask for safe goods, they wouldn't get them.
Mathematicians call this quality closure, and it gives them a warm, safe feeling.
During the years that followed, no one could have accused her of playing it safe with typecasting.
He nodded for me to enter the safe, which was the size of a small room and could have been a bomb shelter.
She can't be seen leaving the safe house, not at this late hour.
But if she could only get to the bus stop a block ahead, she thought, she would be safe.
The network wanted to play it safe, and they weren't sure if this was going to work.
Never mind that there is no such thing as a safe dose of radiation.
Even going to his high-school reunion was not thought safe without heat on hand.
In the master suite, all that remained was a hulking, four-foot steel safe.
It sent the show's jeopardy index through the roof, signaling that no one was safe.
It's a safe haven with a parent figure, an escape from the normal vicissitudes of growing up.
Use a meat thermometer to make sure foods are cooked to a safe temperature.
Cover foods with a lid or a microwave-safe plastic wrap to hold in moisture and provide safe, even heating.
Comprehensive reference on safe food handling for consumers.
Most of these products, if used and stored according to manufacturer's directions, are safe and cause little concern.
Experts stress that taken as recommended, the drug is safe.
But fear of those initial sensations can cause people to play it safe.
Though you have opening values, you have no safe way to show them.

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