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But sadly, this was before the day when one couldn't be tried twice for the same offense.
Musicians are always more open-minded about music than their fans, sadly.
Sadly, this wasn't entirely possible for the storyline, so there is room for improvement.
Sadly, some people still get duped by the fantastic claims espoused by professional monster hunters.
Sadly, though, some of the media coverage of this well-ornamented dinosaur has been less than stellar.
Sadly, these little dinosaurs were buried alive, probably by a sandstorm.
The horses in the mist are beautifully presented but the content of the article is sadly lacking in scope and research.
But look, where sadly the poor wretch comes reading.
It is sadly curious to observe how slight a taste of office suffices to infect a poor fellow with this singular disease.
He has heard the quail and beheld the honey-bee, and sadly prepared to depart.
The thing would seem incredible were it not too sadly familiar.
Sadly, his observations seem benign in comparison with today's levels of avarice and exploitation.
Those involved in higher education around the world also have a sadly limited knowledge of and interest in the region.
Sadly my nightmare vision of a country unable to imagine anything really and truly better is here.
Sadly, these don't work for individual sections, nor do they give the text of the actual changes.
Sadly, my ability to jump freely into the abyss was not one shared by many of my peers.
The general announcement traditionally comes with the birth itself, sadly because of the high mortality rates of old.
Sadly, effective alternatives are still a wish for the future.
Those who put their faith in scientists will be sadly disillusioned.
Sadly, some papers could be improved by cutting them to the length of a twitter post, but that is an editing problem.
Pharma's involvement definitely influences drug sales, drives research direction and sadly sometimes influences research results.
Sadly, many countries are squandering their best chance in decades.
Sadly, that chapter will now have to be written by others.
Sadly that view is not shared by many in his party today.
Sadly, this isn't quite the tale of lost traditional values that it at first appears.
Sadly, the authorities neglected to publish many new textbooks.
Sadly, such discussions have been more energetic than useful.
Sadly, data problems prevent the lists from being mashed up into global rankings.
Sadly for conspiracy fans, he's probably telling the truth.
They were, sadly, splitting up and leaving the house they'd shared for eight years.
There is a purity, a simplicity, about the voting-rights fight that is sadly absent from many modern civil-rights battles.
Sadly, his handwriting doesn't have the same precision as his drawings.
And sadly, minorities were the go-to targets for that kind of predatory lending.
Sadly, these damaging stereotypes about the country are not uncommon.
Sadly, one way or another, it seems the low dose program is in trouble.
Sadly, this is not the norm in modern political journalism.
The problem of missing or stolen registers, however, is sadly nothing new.
Sadly for us, mice songs aren't music to our ears-their sounds are ultrasonic and out of range of human hearing.
Sadly, they have discovered objects are missing from the museum.
Another, sadly, is that the ranks of the poor are growing.
Imagining how joyful this trip must have started and how sadly it ended makes me truly sad.
But even for him there arrived a moment, after eight months of walking, when it looked as if the whole adventure would end sadly.
Sadly, decades of war and strife have all but destroyed the museum and looters have emptied its vaults.
Sadly the desire to rise above your present life is what marks the successful members of a group.
Finding traces of pollution in a supposedly pristine mountain brook is sadly no longer surprising.
Sadly, many live in impoverished conditions with opportunities limited.
Violence is, sadly enough, a perfectly serviceable behavior from a gene's eye view.
Sadly, many individuals do not have access to good, user-friendly technology.
Sadly, this only helps the worm perpetuate its life cycle.
Sadly, some dogs were indeed used as weapons, for fighting other dogs or were simply neglected.
Sadly, little of this insight has translated into better treatments.
Sadly, its probably too damned late to use any sort of mandates or other mechanisms to reverse climate change at this point.
Sadly, today's opponents don't have that perspective.
There are a host of legal reasons why the taxi fleet as a whole can't make that switch, sadly.
Sadly a lot of animals here are eaten to extinction or poached for their medicinal value.
Which sadly was inevitable and, for the time being anyway, may not matter.
Sadly, it also incorporates the look of a rollerskate.
Anyone looking for the hustle and bustle of city life will be sadly disappointed.
Sadly, tourists are more often finding themselves targeted for robbery than being toasted with tequila in out-of-the-way joints.
Sadly, he does not create a giant boxing glove with his power ring to knock out enemies.
Sadly, more driving usually means more people running into each other.
It would be a weird, regrettable, and sadly not entirely improbable outcome if things keep going in the current direction.
Yet, sadly the manufacturing barrier is insurmountable.
Sadly, the fact remains that our current energy production methods are already struggling to meet that demand for power.
Sadly, it appears that the average joe doesn't read elementary environmental economics textbooks.
Sadly, this erstwhile revolutionary would now do the same with his own scholarly descendants, if he only could.
Sadly, few cities have their own currencies, yet all need feedback.
There is a purity, a simplicity, about the voting-rights fight that is sadly absent from many modern civil-rights battles.
Sadly, the cure for screwing around turns out to be more screwing around, with the volume turned up.
On film, sadly, it feels as if somebody were sitting on your head.
Sadly, where movies are concerned, the weld is not enough.
Sadly, she left the bench to take care of her husband, but he has died.
Sadly, she had only four vampire-friendly hours to spend with yours truly.
We are talking, sadly, about prom outfits made of duct tape.
Sadly, for some of us the only option is to go out-of-country for treatment or die.
Sadly, cyber-brains are still a long, long way away.
Sadly, sometimes a prerequisite to being friends is playing the same games.
Academics, we've already decided, are sadly unfamiliar with guilty pleasures.
Sadly, the flyby was so fast that scientists can't really interpret these colors and tag them to different kinds of minerals.
Sadly, the first question to ask about any religious practice these days is whether it's likely to turn violent.
Sadly, the real next-Einsteins only come along once per century, whereas the crackpots are far too common.
Sadly, susceptibility to febrile seizures has a hereditary component.
Sadly, the forests they winter in have been degraded by logging and cattle ranching for decades.
Sadly, the evidence suggests that there is no teleology in evolution.
Sadly, there will have been damage to innocents that can not be undone.
Sadly, the health choices that are made at the end of life are seldom planned and many times they are made for us.
Sadly enough, too many college students say they wish they would have sought medical treatment for a friend.
Sadly, even family members and caretakers sometimes view seniors as easy prey.
Sadly, many reported a rapid dissipation of that feeling upon return to their duty station.
Sadly, half of these kids will die prematurely of a smoking-related disease.
Fortunately taxpayers have had some recourse in this case, but it is sadly the exception to the rule.
Sadly, our name change has had little effect on the confusion.
Sadly, this did not always translate into the right to vote.

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