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The boots usually have high heels that lock into the paddle, of the horse's saddle.
They're making their saddle horse start earning his keep.
Relief is a rolling back scratch in the brush for a hobbled horse freed of its saddle.
Tie on your walking shoes, strap on your helmet or saddle up your horse.
There's no one on a horse, smacking the saddle and moving the people.
He rides his horse side saddle and leans shore side.
The wounded horse as soon as he sees the saddle, trembles.
The horse trampled upon it, and stumbled, half dragging her from the saddle-bow.
Some saddle up horses for a morning ride over the rolling green hills.
Spicy and meaty, with good juicy flavors and notes of saddle leather.
Yes, of course, community colleges don't saddle their failed students with forty grand in student loans.
My third year in the saddle there, the football program lost a million dollars.
These saddles are from prominent saddle makers who crafted a working saddle used by cowboys on the plains.
Flip up the saddle, and it has a handy-dandy storage compartment for a wallet and keys.
When rolled behind a saddle, it provided a striking ornament.
He had ridden since he was five, starting on a goat for a tuppenny dare, and was a natural in the saddle.
For the time being, the president is firmly in the saddle.
At midday, it confirms there is not a saddle in sight.
It was difficult to tell who was in charge of whom, except that the burro wore bulging saddle bags.
There's even a beer bottle opener crafted into the bottom of the saddle.
Ranching is the big moneymaker here, lending a singular saddle-meets-surfboard vibe.
There's nothing wrong with a cycling vacation or taking destination trips to see the scenery from the saddle.
And if you want to skip a day in the saddle, you don't have to worry about losing the yellow jersey.
First-time packers might want to consider renting a pack saddle.
Guests learn to saddle their own horses and may ride for an hour or up to a full day.
For those looking for a true adventure that takes you deep into the heart of the park, consider a pack and saddle guided trip.
Each beast carried both packs, and their owners alternated hour by hour in the saddle.
And the white dorsal saddle patch goes forward much farther on the transients than on the residents.
But that would saddle the largest species with unfeasibly long recovery periods, when they could barely function.
It was excellent as both a packsaddle and a riding saddle.
He can only take his foot from the saddle of one thought and put it into that of another.
He put as much gold into his saddle-bags as his horses would carry, and returned to the town.
Wedlock rides on the saddle, and repentance on the crupper.
Saddle of mutton is a typical company dish-all mutton has currant jelly.
He helped her gently to her feet and boosted her onto his saddle.
He had a scruffy-preppy look: pullover sweater, tan slacks, enormous saddle shoes.
But it was only when you got in the saddle that you could instinctively feel what might be there and what might not.
They managed to get him out of saddle shoes and lounge jackets and into a glen-plaid suit, white shirt, and tie.
Tense beneath her first saddle and confined to a narrow chute, the mustang lays back her ears indignantly.

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As the saddle makes the horse, so the tailor makes the man.... more
The dress makes the person; the saddle the horse.... more
Things are in the saddle, And ride mankind.... more
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