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Depressed patients pick out sad faces easily, psychologists report, but have trouble with happiness or more subtle emotions.
The loss of animal species is irreversible and potentially catastrophic, not to mention heartrendingly sad.
The sad thing is is that it was my grandpa's birthday.
He had such a sad look on his face-no anger or violence.
To report this misapprehension is doubly sad, apart from our own regret at being caught up in it.
If a couple are infertile and wish they were not, that is sad.
She was dark and weird, sad and bawdy-a modern hotchpotch with some richly anachronistic ingredients.
Sad, sad, sad but time to stop trying to change the laws of gravity.
We know to be scared at the scary parts, laugh at the funny parts and feel sad at the sad parts.
The whole tone of this article is really sad though.
In other words, he'd feel happy if the previous student had been happy and sad if the previous student had been sad.
While in these facial configurations subjects were asked to recall happy and sad events or listen to happy and sad music.
Every story of autoimmune disease is sad--but collectively the impact of these illnesses is staggering.
Sad to see that this article wasn't nearly as thorough, and also that the online archive doesn't go back nearly that far.
It's sad that it takes this long to get a study on something that seems pretty obvious from this perspective.
The clowns' convention had them all standing around complaining about their ulcers and the sad state of their investments.
Their online comments make for sad reading-sad because of the hatred on display.
Yes, it is more than a little bit sad that there are so many desperate job-seekers.
It is sad to see how few answered the subject line question.
Over the last two years the dean has posted numerous photographs of the sad-eyed, handsome pooch.
Work on those plans if that is your goal, but in the meantime, don't sit around feeling sad about it.
How odd and how sad that the article does not mention the humanities or the arts.
Dental records confirmed the match, and another sad and baffling case was solved.
It is sad that many among us have had their brains hijacked by hucksters.
It's sad that someone can be so hateful of non-human beings.
Which was sad, because some of the scraps were fascinating.
One may have been pictured as happy and the other as sad.
We have learned that from sad experience of centuries.
The current fish market is a sad shadow of what it once was.
They were a friendly bunch, but he found them terribly sad.
It is funny and sad to see all the people in denial about nuclear power.
It's sad that the habitat these discoveries are coming from is being destroyed everyday.
The first sad thing about our desire to compare is that our happiness depends less on us, and more on the people around us.
The sad fact that makes it seem impossible for some of the things mentioned to be possible in a mere few decades.
It was sweet and sad and, though you'd rarely admit it, necessary.
We sat for an awkward moment and agreed that the closing was a sad day, indeed.
His water had dried up, and he rolled around in the stone bed of his trough, making that long sad sound that tigers make.
Where a house has been abandoned, you can be sure there has been a sad story and devastated lives.
She might be sad about something that happened to her recently, such as that nasty business with the sprinkler.
We may be sad that no more great religious poetry will be written in the future.
The sad fate of family farms is the same everywhere.
For anyone who thought hot dogs were the healthiest food around, some new research will come as a sad surprise.
It's a sad state of affairs but probably not an unpredictable one.
Look at your car sitting there in the driveway-sad, squat, all four tires on the pavement.
It's sad that scientists erect such enormous obstacles.
Wendy, it's a sad commentary on the education system that you failed to understand the story.
It is, indeed a sad thing to even know the question is being asked.
But the sad truth is, age rarely makes somebody dirtier.
The goal is to never be too happy or never be too sad.
First, it failed to offer any sort of line out of this tragic rut for these sad moms and dads.
It now seems sad and even tragic, the reach for automation by these working pilots, their button-pushing response.
My ears were open but sad to say they were not listening.
Wishing to be something you're not is the biggest recipe for a sad life.
After a few hours of sleep he returned to find a sad, deflated lump.
Great meal but sad as it is no doubt our last time together.

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