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However, economic growth still remains sacrosanct to mainstream economists.
Obligations to financial interests are sacrosanct in this country while obligations to teachers are infinitely negotiable.
Some of the missions tapped for possible, future drones are currently considered sacrosanct for human pilots.
But a public library is something ineffable and sacrosanct, a cornerstone of democracy.
There was nothing sacrosanct about the four-year election system.
Archaeopteryx's position has been so sacrosanct that its body had guided many of our ideas about the origins of birds.
In science, raw data is sacrosanct and always should be.
And they believe that property is sacrosanct, but that intellectual property is a myth.
No, that would have been infringing on a sacrosanct area.
Layoffs have occurred in the once sacrosanct newsroom.
No government function is so sacrosanct as to be spared the knife.
But the one thing copyright is not, is sacrosanct: people invented copyright and it is also within our power to change it.
The merit principles are sacrosanct, and these reforms will honor them.
There is nothing sacrosanct about gold as compared to any other commodity.
It is a rather sacrosanct program with a trust fund.
If privacy be sacrosanct then care ought to be taken to keep sensitive matters private.
Increasingly, military sentiment appears to question the here-to-fore sacrosanct party-army link.
Criticism, albeit muted, of the once sacrosanct traditional chiefly system is appearing more frequently.

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