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Example sentences for sacrificial

According to the researchers, some water molecules surround the almost-planet dust and act as almost a sacrificial layer.
Evidence indicates that the main chamber complex was ringed with sacrificial burials.
Any salt that does get into the system of this tree species is sent to sacrificial leaves.
The sacrificial bloodletting is accompanied by the offering of a fish to represent the watery underworld.
Your correspondent, ever self-sacrificial, has joined in over the beer and sausages.
On the shelf is a little cigar-smoking voodoo doll and a tiny cup of sacrificial rum.
Even a thug can show a sacrificial streak, one learns.
Two types of pyramids were constructed: one for sacrificial rituals and the second for sacred ceremonies.
The stack alternates a device layer with a sacrificial layer.
The key to the etching step is adding a sacrificial layer when the wafers are treated.
Because of the chemistry applied to the sacrificial layer, only a limited number of metals can be used for electroforming.
Install sacrificial metal anodes at the locations and in the manner indicated.
Take note of all rehabilitations to ensure total sacrificial depth does not exceed the design sacrificial wear thickness.
Metallized coatings provide corrosion protection to steel by sacrificial and barrier protection.
The wire broke near the bottom, thus everything was recovered except the sacrificial bottom instruments.

Famous quotes containing the word sacrificial

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