sacred cow in a sentence

Example sentences for sacred cow

They rewrite the universe from the ground up, shaking up the status quo and leaving no sacred cow untenderized.
The next sacred cow will surely be tenure, and exactly the same comments apply.
Maybe it's high time someone had the temerity to call this sacred cow a nightmare.
There is not much prospect of changing this political sacred cow.
The funny thing about that is when you start taking about specific programs, they seem to be someone's sacred cow.
One sacred cow that has long been in need of a good stockyard is the home mortgage interest deduction.
We have seen today's sacred cow become tomorrow's discredited idea.
In each instance, it makes itself into a sacred cow.
And because of the urgency of the matter, there cannot be any sacred cow.
The committee members should all agree to a no sacred cow policy.

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For almost seventy years the life insurance industry has been a smug sacred cow feeding the public a steady... more
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