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Example sentences for sabotage

That kind of sabotage would harm the company's efforts to sell its electricity
In cases like yours, there's only one good reason to call a potential employer: to sabotage your chances of getting the gig.
Malone, an outspoken opponent of the project, is suspected of sabotage.
Such procrastination is a mystery to psychologists, who wonder why people would sabotage themselves in this way.
Nothing can sabotage success faster than fear.
At first the competition was playful, but soon they were trying to sabotage each other, and were barely speaking.
No matter what diet you follow, some behaviors can sabotage weight loss.
Federal investigators have yet to determine whether the crash resulted from accident or sabotage.
It is possible that it went missing in an act of sabotage by a farsighted collector.
Read biographies of any number of well known people and see that they struggled with rejection and sabotage as a matter of course.
Power lines and a fuel-storage tank have also been targeted by unknown bombers, whose sabotage thankfully failed.
Northern efforts to drag out, delay or sabotage the referendum are increasingly blatant.
Allowing myself to be seduced by fear and insecurity became a self-fulfilling prophecy of sabotage.
Or it could be sabotage, the work of a company insider.
Extremists may even sabotage if they find a particular change exceptionally threatening.
They chain themselves to trees and sabotage bulldozers.
Chemical and biological weapons, and also oil-field sabotage and fires, were much discussed before the war.
All this did not stop both sides from conducting hostile propaganda and occasional acts of sabotage against each other.
Not blindness, not diabetes, not sabotage from within.
If only it didn't sabotage the opportunity for old-fashioned whodunit delight.
It is possible for sabotage to be performed by disgruntled employees and members of adversary nations.

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