rutted in a sentence

Example sentences for rutted

Main roads were reduced to primitive deep-rutted tracks.
One rutted dirt road travels it from north to south.
Until recently, the road was so terribly rutted and narrow that the trip took eleven hours.
Trails are rutted and mud-slick, swallowing boots and bruising the ankles of a first-time visitor.
Three days out, the route deteriorated into a deeply rutted dirt track that plunged through troughs of dark mud.
Chickens and goats picked through garbage in the rutted dirt streets.
He is traveling a deeply rutted road in spinning a familiar story of military duty versus the dictates of the heart.
There were no more caimans, but the road through dense woods was winding and deeply rutted, slowing me to a bumpy crawl.
He can accompany the main actors down the rutted, twisting road and feel-well as record-the bumps and turns.
Travelers were faced with rutted turnpike roads that baked to hardness in the summer sun.
With continued precipitation, the roadway surface may become slick, snow packed and rutted.
Motor vehicle users should resist the temptation to travel outside of roads or trails and through muddy, rutted areas.
We worked on alleys and road shoulders that rutted from the harsh winter.
Sections of roadway are deteriorated, cracked and rutted.
The access road is dirt and narrow and rutted, the unimproved ramp is suitable only for cartop boats and canoes.
Improves safety and prevents product damages due to rutted pavement.
Otherwise trails become too rutted, over-used, or overgrown with vegetation.
Repair and re-compact rutted or disturbed base resulting from hauling or paving operations.
The dirt road may also be deeply rutted from vehicle traffic.
The second phase includes patching of cracked, rutted or pothole areas.
Potholes and rutted surfaces must be shown to be a result of the disaster event.
Take the left fork, which leads to a switchback climb through a clear-cut with the last section getting fairly rough and rutted.
Steep, deeply rutted tracks result from people driving where they shouldn't or in unsuitable conditions.
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