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Example sentences for ruthlessly

We are supposed to neither cling ruthlessly to the old, nor jump carelessly to the new.
Prodigious as were his royalties, his mode of life consumed them ruthlessly.
More and more, they were pure meritocrats trained to look ruthlessly for efficiency everywhere.
The peak moment was when you read from your book to prove the atrocious misquotation that's been ruthlessly used against you.
Answer: because the science selection process ruthlessly weeds-out interesting and imaginative people.
In these, the fabric of spacetime has to be ruthlessly twisted in a way that allows the time travel to occur.
As when he went to look up the word in the dictionary, he has a need not only to be precise but to be right-ruthlessly right.
Even his own years were elusive, time ruthlessly thinning out the once-dense herd of his memories.
The company has come up with a ruthlessly efficient way to churn out stories it knows will be profitable online.
These shortcomings have been ruthlessly laid bare by the euro crisis.
Small firms that supply chaebol complain that they are ruthlessly squeezed, though few dare say so publicly.
And it has become well practised in the art of ruthlessly cutting costs.
Anyone who poses the slightest political threat to the regime is dealt with ruthlessly.
And it has become well practised in the art of ruthlessly driving down its costs.
The state legislature has no term limits and ruthlessly gerrymanders its districts to keep the old guard in place.
The government should spread its bets widely, monitor the results rigorously and cut its losses ruthlessly.
He will ruthlessly crush the occasional burst of frustration and dissent.
Here she typed until the early hours and, after typing, ruthlessly cut what she had written.
The first white settlers ruthlessly shot and poisoned the tribe, but members fought to stay on the land they loved.
Stay focused on that point, and ruthlessly do away with anything that strays from it.
Almost invariably such actions were ruthlessly put down by the authorities.
During that time, he had ruthlessly eliminated any opposition.
Sprawl ruthlessly consumes rural land and erodes the social capital that binds a community together.
And it is ruthlessly evaluated by drill instructors.
Gatherers of hides and feathers and sportsmen were killing ruthlessly.
Its nature is to ruthlessly search out and present alternatives to transactions involving intermediaries.
Two underlying principles govern: not prejudging credibility, and ruthlessly examining your own prejudices.
Here they are shot down ruthlessly, with no regard to the humanity which ought to be called forth by their conditions.
But the moderator must not appear to be ruthlessly eliminating issues that the participants ranked of high or medium importance.

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