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Example sentences for ruthless

He could be ruthless or cruel with friends and, especially, family if they did not meet his expectations.
The only key to survival, and any measure of productivity, is ruthless time management.
But the job market is ruthless, and not everyone ends up as well positioned as they might have hoped.
They were ruthless opportunists with nothing to lose-except their lives.
They are ruthless opportunists, and they adopted a strategy of genocide because it seemed to be the simplest method available.
In the ruthless world of auto racing, aerodynamics can make the difference between stunning victory and fiery oblivion.
Cancer's endless mutability, its ruthless adaptation to survive, is being matched by resourcefulness.
The clever dishing out of contracts was matched by ruthless pricing.
They include a cool intellect, single-minded ambition and a willingness to be ruthless when required.
The secret police remain unaccountable, ruthless and omnipresent.
Speculators do exist, and are often rather ruthless.
Jobs was ruthless, manipulative, charismatic and utterly determined.
Three factors helped the government get away with its ruthless approach.
But rivals say it's ruthless, illegal sales techniques that have made the difference.
His eyes are focused and intense, looking ruthless and intimidating but also revealing an inner pain.
But he is also a ruthless tyrant and dictator who has brought economic decay.
He is ruthless and mendacious, even now he's untrustworthy.
We have a ruthless and dangerous enemy without scruples.
In the name of the revolutionary cause, they employed ruthless methods to suppress real or perceived political enemies.
In his day that belief was sorely tested by a ruthless and determined enemy.
Worse yet, he stood by as his ruthless gang members shot and killed people, including law enforcement officials.
Our enemies are observant, patient, stealthy and ruthless.

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