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Its walls have heard the rustling of long silk dresses and jogging suits and echoed with the swells of music during concerts.
Its dainty leaves tremble with the slightest breeze, creating a pleasant rustling sound.
To the sound of breaking branches and rustling leaves, the moose moseys into the forest, his morning repast complete.
Keeping an eye on me the whole time, she started rustling around in the box.
Afterward, there's some rustling as she walks the four blocks to the library.
The six-day courses include cattle-herding, rustling and ranch-survival skills.
All four players extend their arms and a loud rustling marks the start of a new hand as they shuffle and then stack the tiles.
The meeting had been called because of an increase in cattle rustling.
First the smell of vegetation, then the wind rustling guiltily in the palm trees, dry hands rubbed together.
The oracle was said to have issued pronouncements to priests through the rustling of a sacred oak tree.
Behind the jaunty selection are the sounds of typing and paper rustling-an office at work.
It is quiet except for the buzz of insects and the rustling of palms overhead.
As he walked alongside the river he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him.
His friend's hut stands high on stilts amid the boughs and rustling branches of trees.
There it was so still that she could hear her own footsteps, as well as the rustling of every dry leaf which bent under her feet.
The tree shook and gave a rustling sound with its branches, though no wind agitated them.
The rustling of the leaves tells him a story, warns him of a danger, and a flight of birds prophesies a fair day.
When he gets to his brother's ranch he soon learns that his brother makes his real living by rustling cattle.
Occasionally, the camera pauses to peer with a surreal eye at the wildlife rustling among the stalks.
The demand has encouraged an illicit industry: cactus rustling.
Their leaves, rustling in the wind, are all that moves.
He turned around quickly, only to discover that the rustling noise was coming from a speaker behind him.
He is fascinated with its rustling paper, the paper of poetry.
On the land in and around the canyon, the lines between ranching and rustling were often blurred.
Because it was so windy, the sound of the leaves rustling in the trees was soothing.
For example, on a windy day leaves rustling or trees swaying indicate that the wind is blowing.
He later witnessed a sentry firing wildly at a tree rustling in the wind, setting off a barrage of grenades.
In the air, their wings make a rustling, swishing sound.
So many cattle made cattle rustling so much more attractive.
During the movie she heard rustling and crackling in the seat where the meat was placed.
Other birds, such as the towhee, can be heard rustling the leaves on the forest floor.
After all three occupants had left rustling could still be heard from the back room of the apartment.
Compare and contrast log piracy and cattle rustling.
The only sound is that of feathers rustling against leaves.
Listen for the rustling of birds and other wildlife seeking food and cover.
The sounds of cars and planes give way to those of birds and rustling trees.
They can hear the underground digging, gnawing, and rustling of small mammals.

Famous quotes containing the word rustling

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