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Waves beat on the shore, rushing up the pebbly beach and withdrawing with a caressing hiss.
She was a lovely sight through my teary eyes, even with her face flushed from rushing.
He recalled the taste of whiskey, the cold slap of night air, the glare of rushing lights.
By rushing ears from the garden to boiling water, you can capture their full sweetness.
So the next time you're rushing around before a dinner party, go ahead and grab that bouquet.
Later, soak under the stars then let the rushing river lull you to sleep.
Students don't seem to be rushing in to be early adopters of the gadgets.
But he said that he was not rushing in that direction.
Air rushing over the birds' feathers produces turbulence.
Slot canyons are narrow corridors sliced into eroding plateaus by periodic bursts of rushing water.
At the surface, the rushing water wore away the rock below.
Many people who had survived the wall of water rushing inland were seen being swept out to sea when the ocean retreated.
Humanitarian agencies were rushing to expand their operations around the country-a job they later received a lot of credit for.
Fishermen use baskets and nets hung from high poles across rushing falls and rapids to catch fish.
During the day the compressed air comes rushing out and spins a turbine.
They came rushing in and greeted the pups and the other dogs.
With the fog of war clearing, exhausted leaders are rushing to leave the battlefield.
As journalists applauded, jostling photographers had to be restrained from rushing the podium.
Broadsheets that usually look down on tabloids are now rushing to downsize.
The rating agencies are rushing to catch up with this grim reality.
Rather than rushing into a bail-out of housing, politicians should give the financial authorities time to lean on the market.
But the money rushing into the market reduces buyers' leverage over the issuing companies.
Investment firms are rushing to set up funds that hold physical stocks of copper.
Before rushing out to buy shares, however, readers should consider the following.
In readiness, law firms have been rushing to set up dedicated subprime practices.
It seems that the deteriorating economic situation panicked the government into rushing out its plans.
Each, on closer inspection, argues against rushing to action.
But some of these countries are miffed that the fund did not consult them before rushing to the rescue of the euro area.
But the high cost of e-readers has kept many consumers from rushing to stores to get the device.
Not surprisingly, three decades later there is no shortage of observers rushing to fill the void with all sorts of explanations.
Winds begin rushing inwards and upwards around this low-pressure zone.
Air rushing in to fill the low-pressure void left by the tornado creates additional fierce, potentially damaging winds.
The only known exceptions are rushing river-gully floods, tsunamis, and other no-survival situations.
If you really made a groundbreaking scientific discovery, the astronomy journals will be rushing to publish your paper.
The mole rat will eventually come out to fix its mound when it senses air rushing through.
The half-finished ceremony was broken in upon by the ringing bells and rushing train.
The millions that around us are rushing into life cannot always be fed on the sere remains of foreign harvests.
There was an instant's dead silence, then the rushing of a thousand feet and wild cries of terror as the mob broke and fled.
His people could scarce restrain the old king from rushing forth.
He says strings of language extend in every direction to bind the world into a rushing, seamless whole.
All day and night, people living around the square were rushing to their windows or balconies to see the latest uproar.
There is no visible current, no sound of rushing water-but at the end of every hour another half foot has been gained.
On the runway, inspired feats of virtuosity are all too often quickly forgotten by blasé audiences rushing to the next show.
For you must merge, merge into the flood of rushing lights.
The authorities were rushing to complete the process of identification.
Or put it another way, one was immediately impressed by the rushing flow of ideas, burst as from a pent up dam.
And, of course, studios are rushing to collect those home video sales.
Neuroscientists are rushing to defend their techniques.
Rushing into a salvage operation, however, could be a disaster.
Rather than rushing in beaks first, they explored the box by sight before giving it some tentative pecks.
Certainly few people in the medical community are rushing to contradict them.
If these diseases were widespread, they'd be rushing to vaccinate their kids.
It would cause jurors to think twice about rushing to judgments.
Slowly, the crush trickled out and the asphalt was again almost empty, only a few stragglers rushing to beat the light.
But what was more remarkable was the sound--a low-pitched groaning accompanying the sound of rushing water.
Now that the floodgates have opened back up, new users are rushing to the service every minute.
The implication is that they did so for political reasons, as the administration was rushing to promote green stimulus spending.
He was driving in a rushing river of cold whiteout foam.
When turned on, a rushing column of groundwater that escapes from the well drives the engine, which makes power.
Toilet paper clings to the bushes and tree limbs five or six feet up from the rushing stream.
But the reference is really to humanity, always rushing in with its gizmos and interpretations.
In his teens and early twenties he found the poets he was looking for in the same way as rushing water will find a steep incline.
He himself is constantly rushing into town to buy things.
Wild thoughts and fears for loved ones were rushing through millions of minds in these same awful moments.
Unfortunately, the author did not do his essential homework before rushing into print.
Don't wander all over the sidewalk, walking slowly one moment and rushing the next.
After rushing me to the hospital and seeing me go through two spinal taps, my parents heard the dreaded diagnosis: polio.
Scientists, naturally, won't be rushing for a visit.
As a result, some private equity managers are rushing to sell investments before year end.
Once the ghostwriter has finished writing, the task of rushing a book into print falls to the publisher.

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