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No one rushes to hire someone who is already in her back pocket.
Bacteria transfer peaked during busy hours, occurring on average up to two times per hour during breakfast rushes.
Each time you ride up a wave this water rushes to the stern and you are over your ankles in water.
He rushes to fill the bathtub and other receptacles to last the day.
Before everyone rushes off to their new age healers, let me offer a couple of stories in response.
Every nation condemns conquest, and every nation with power to enter upon career of conquest rushes eagerly upon it.
During our morning tour the gully had been dry but lined with rushes, because cattle hadn't grazed the area since early spring.
Wind rushes by, blades rotate, and electricity flows.
He dangles, the blood rushes to his head, he gets dizzy.
Cooler air rushes in from the ocean to take its place and presto, a wind is born.
The animals avoid a blank area of the wall where water routinely rushes down to the floor during heavy rains.
Also, when the frog rushes to get away, it untucks its brightly colored legs.
Here the current is amplified as it rushes over the lip of the wall.
Without trees and bushes to soak up rainfall, the water rushes off the bare slopes.
The wind hissed and whooshed in great rushes of sound.
He rushes to the laundry in a desperate attempt to salvage his art treasure, but it has already shrunk and is ruined.
She begins to have pain, and he rushes out with camera to take shots of the scene.
As the fire is burning and smoke descends toward the floor, cool air rushes in through the bottom of the open doorway.
The splayed tail feathers vibrate as air rushes past them, causing them to flutter.
Heavier, colder air rushes in below and sets the winds in motion, gusting energy around the globe.
As the water rushes in, the whales contract muscles in their lower jaw.
Everyone rushes into them, so the price rises sharply and investors pat themselves on the back for their shrewdness.
When the cuff is deflated, blood rushes to the fingertips.
When you magnify it, it rushes away from you and becomes a simulacrum of its larger self, eventually infinitely long.
No one rushes and there are cute slings and swivelling loaders to take the heavy lifting out of the work.
If you get a grip on one limb, all the hot air rushes to another.
When everyone rushes to the same strategy, the boat will inevitably tip in that direction.
Rushes of puritanism to the head have never served us well.
Cheap debt capital inveigles financial gold rushes that always end badly.
He rushes back into the cottage where the tailors are waiting.
Bob hated the rushes, thought they were flat, more pedestrian than frightening.
Where the wood fumes up and the watery, flickering rushes.
When this damper is left open, the hot air rushes up the chimney.
He wears a sword at his side and a sugar-loaf hat of rushes on his head.
On the slightest provocation he rushes off to invoke it for his protection.
Warm air rises from the water, and cold air rushes in to take its place.
At the start, the two battled from the baseline making only occasional rushes to the net.
As this happens, more air rushes into to replace the rising air, helping create more gusts from various directions.
The air rushes out of tiny, millimeter-long slots that run along the circular frame and flows down a gently sloping ramp.
Then everyone rushes to buy a souvenir bar fresh from the workshop.
Rushes help improve habitat for amphibians and spawning areas for fish.
These wetlands are shallow in nature, they usually contain water, and they have emergent vegetation such as cattails and rushes.
They are dominated by soft-stemmed emergent plants such as cattails and rushes.

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