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As the pressure increases, the eardrum may break open or rupture.
In a system that relies on a rupture disk, a valve left in the open position would also be installed.
The purpose of all that focused power is brutally obvious: to break bones and rupture tissue.
At this point, because the tumor is so large, the skin covering it is stretched quite thin and will soon rupture.
Critics say this might disturb the toxic sediment lying on the lake bottom, while ice scouring might rupture the pipe.
There have been more than one pipeline rupture because of improper control algorithms.
Brick paving laid in geometric patterns is interplanted with ajuga and rupture wort.
The increasing accessibility of ideas is more of a progression than a rupture.
Any little earthquake, or even random drilling, will rupture the repository and release the gas.
Ordinarily, ice crystals rupture the cells of a frozen tissue sample, leaving nothing but freezer-burned goo.
They could refuse to light up for no apparent reason, because of some infinitesimal rupture in the filament.
The sailors were largely protected by the vessel's reinforced inner hull, which did not rupture.
Investigations pointed to a rupture in the probe's propellant fuel line, which caused an explosion.
Pregnancy is often linked to the formation and rupture of splenic artery aneurysms.
The social rupture in many societies calls for a new social contract.
What scientists can do right now is make good maps of fault zones and figure out which ones are probably due for a rupture.
The low pressure can rupture bats' tiny lungs and hearts.
The physical examination is often normal unless a rupture or leak has occurred.
Depending on their size and previous history of bleeding, they carry some risk of rupture.
In some forms of the condition this can include rupture of internal organs or abnormal heart valves.
Eventually this disconnect will be resolved or it will rupture.
There is no treatment needed for the disorder unless red blood cells rupture.
The cause was the rupture of a blood vessel in the pancreas, according to a statement from the chamber group.
The cause was a recurrent rupture of his thoracic aorta, his family said.
So far, there is no sure way to locate which plaques are about to rupture.
During removal, a laser blasts these nano-sized beads with enough heat to make them rupture, releasing the ink into the body.
We knew what had happened-a persistent infection, a rupture.
The end will come swiftly, without warning-a sudden rupture of the bulkhead that is sustaining her weight.
In coming home with his load, through a blinding storm, he slipped and opened the old rupture.
He felt one of the bags rupture, but wasn't sure about the second one.
As the spacial vacuum nears it's maximum capacity of space, it will rupture.
The swellings get so big that they eventually rupture, tearing the axon apart and spewing out damaged proteins.
As people continue to eat and the fat pads expand, some cells get too full and rupture.
But the team said measurements of ground motion suggest the movement caused the surface to bulge, but not to rupture.
The southern portion of this fault is generally believed to have the highest probability of rupture.
But the blood vessels alongside them can rupture and bleed.
Pressure from the liquid fuel within the stage would then rupture the rocket, causing a catastrophic explosion.
If such a rupture doesn't occur naturally from within, it can be induced from outside.
Depending on each fault's location, orientation and direction of slip, its likelihood of rupture may increase or decrease.
And if things do go wrong, there is no tank of fuel to rupture and explode.
Overproduction of follicles, if unchecked, may result in bleeding and rupture of ovarian cysts.
If you get him back too soon, he's at a high risk of re-rupture.
Earthquakes rupture a patch along a fault's surface.
Generally speaking, the larger the rupture patch, the larger the magnitude of the earthquake.
Antibiotic therapy in preterm premature rupture of the membranes.

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