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She tore down the runway toward him with open arms, her spirits-and feet-flying.
To me, the moment when the customer actually throws the frock on in the fitting room is much more exciting than the runway moment.
Imagine driving a continuous supply of cars down a long runway off a cliff for a million years.
But biofuels have a runway to viability of only a few years.
They do not attempt the six-inch heels they routinely send down the runway.
It was a week before the runway show of his fall collection, his third as a designer.
On the runway, inspired feats of virtuosity are all too often quickly forgotten by blasé audiences rushing to the next show.
As the plane closes in on the runway, the view is one of unbroken forest extending to the distant horizon.
The smaller aircraft flew down the length of the runway while the pilot of the larger one pulled back the stick and climbed.
The runway may be intact, but the control tower lost communications after the quake.
We called it the runway and it was literally propelled by its user.
Soon, a twin-propeller plane floats down out of the sky and stops at the end of the runway.
The prototype point-defense interceptor didn't need a runway, but that was about the only thing in its favor.
They sense it as they sit on the tarmac, waiting to take their turn on an overcrowded runway.
Or number of times a plane has been pulled off the runway for repairs prior to take off.
The runway was a round stage, with guests seated on wooden benches in a half circle and an orchestra set up opposite them.
The runway will be reconstructed with a grooved concrete surface and wide asphalt shoulders.
Organizers have announced that it will host the first plus-sized runway show in its history.
The plane never made it, clipping a house at the end of the runway and crashing.
It also offers possible techniques that can be used to resolve runway safety problems at an airport.
When cleared to cross any runway or taxiway, first visually check to ensure there is no conflicting traffic.
Prior to crossing any runway during taxi, ensure you have a clearance to cross.
Visually check to ensure there is no conflicting traffic prior to crossing the runway.
Guidance to airports for reducing runway incursions on the airfield.

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