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The researchers expect less excess nutrients in the runoff as the plants on the roof continue to grow.
And our measurements confirm that that stream is contaminated with chemicals from runoff from the mine.
Typically, coal companies construct filtration ponds to capture sediments and valley-fill runoff.
The only sound was the slow drip of runoff from gutters and rooftops.
Encouraging the flow of information and catching the runoff.
They had set up rain barrels, a bat house, and landscaping to prevent runoff.
Storm runoff is not treated and flows directly into streams, lakes and other bodies of water nearby.
It is possible to cut back on nitrogen runoff but that of course requires regulation and creates expense, etc.
You'd reduce water use and end runoff by recycling water in a closed irrigation system.
Loam soils absorb water at an even pace without heavy puddling or runoff.
Agricultural runoff that eventually leads to dead zones.
Probably the best and easiest fresh water, is to move to a rainy climate, and harvest roof runoff.
After the sea shrunk, dust storms kicked up salt and pesticides left over from agricultural runoff.
Evaporation and runoff of the land would have produced a salt ocean after a few million years.
Storage of rain runoff from downspouts, gutters, and roofs collected in large barrels or tanks for use in landscape irrigation.
The state also plans to create marshes to filter runoff before it enters the lake.
Some of that sausage-making runoff would remain, but it would be held in check.
Storm runoff is a serious problem for densely populated areas.
Boulder depends on runoff from mountain snow, but the snowpack at lower elevations has evaporated.
The runoff from the tank fertilizes the lettuce, strawberries and herbs.
Wastewater from the process flows to a cistern, where it mixes with collected storm water and runoff.
Water in the gorge appeared turquoise because of runoff from gold and silver mining.
Slow soaking limits runoff and encourages plants to develop deep root systems that are better able to tolerate drought.
We are infiltrating runoff into the groundwater because the site is large and can accommodate infiltration vs cisterns.
Coastal erosion and agricultural runoff pose problems.
Increased runoff from agricultural fertilizers and sewage has sped up the eutrophication process.
But the major source of marine pollution is runoff from urban, suburban, and agricultural land.
More pastures were converted to concrete, which increased the amount of storm-water runoff.
Those same groups say hits to water quality such as farm runoff are also to blame.
Downspouts are often located near an easy runoff pathway, such as a driveway.
New and better practices can be put in place to reduce runoff effectively.
Runoff from agricultural and urban areas hurts water quality.
And agricultural runoff is a major part of the pollution of freshwater sources.
The dust speeds up snowmelt runoff by an estimated three weeks and wreaks havoc on the irrigation cycles of farms downstream.
Packing them beneath city sidewalks should slow down storm-water runoff.
The runoff had left iron deposits that had turned the cement area a reddish-brown color.
Chemical runoff from agriculture causes algae to grow, which then decompose, depriving other animals of oxygen.
Chemicals in runoff can create a toxic environment for aquatic life.
The plant would desalinate runoff as it entered the sea so it could be sold to the cities, leaving behind water for the sea.
The reefs are further stressed with pollution caused by runoff from increased development and large coastal populations.
While some improvement is attained with a runoff election, it has problems.
Eventually, both runoff and much of the groundwater flow into the oceans.
Urban runoff and pesticides are contaminating the water.
Nitrogen fertilizer runoff is also horrendous for the environment.
For better gov make all primaries open with instant runoff.
The island's wetlands have been largely shielded from pesticide runoff that has destroyed similar areas in other countries.
Add to the illustration some runoff from the farm and homes.
Factories, water treatment plants, and homes also contribute to runoff.
Nitrates and other runoff chemicals often wash into wetlands from urban areas and farms.
Freshwater and marine organisms are particularly susceptible to pesticides through agricultural runoff.
The green roof did not have excess nitrogen in its runoff, but it did have excess phosphorous.
The college is planting trees and restoring a wetland, which will serve as a reservoir for storm-water runoff.
Heavy construction, metallurgic activity and sewage runoff account for these remnants.
Sloping land and heavy clay soils invite runoff--due to gravity in the first case, due to slow water penetration in the second.
The house has sloped roofs and no down spouts, and a big, wide driveway ready to funnel all that roof runoff right to the street.
Runoff flows down a wall of alders, maples, and ferns as if gently weeping into the stream below.
Here's a better way: choose the replacement not by plurality but by instant runoff voting.
He was unsuccessful at that time, too, but less unsuccessful making it as far as the runoff election.
Franken suggested runoff from a nearby creosote plant.
Kirk handily defeated six opponents without a runoff.
No-till soils also hold more water, and reduce losses from runoff and evaporation-a real benefit in drought-prone soils.
It should be noted that algae growth happens in the presents of nitrates and phosphates, usually found in agricultural runoff.
They help reduce runoff and, from a distance, cause the building to mirror the hilly landscape of the city around it.
Hedgerows and trees that provided habitat and absorbed polluted runoff were bulldozed.
It's as if all the winters of my life have hypnotized me, committing my memory to snowmelt, to runoff.
The main nitrogen polluter is agricultural fertilizer runoff.
Leading hypotheses: runoff from that stream or wild boar.
There could be an actual runoff election a few weeks later among the top two vote-getters.
Burdened with sewage and industrial runoff, it meanders across a coastal flat.
What's more, the lake's water is both saline and polluted with agricultural runoff.
The organic path is simple, less expensive and there is none of the runoff contaminating our waterways.
Others said the solar array might worsen a water runoff problem in the area.
Communities are trying different methods to keep storm water runoff from spilling into beach swimming areas.
The green roof helps to prevent water runoff, insulates the building from noise, and provides a habitat for several species.
The runoff contains large amounts of feces that can cause dangerous algae blooms, for example.
These same fertilizers are killing offshore waters with runoff.
Someone will have to clean these machines from time to time, producing ghastly runoff and occupational exposures.
The system generates power by funneling the spring runoff through the underground pipes and then through a turbine.
The team discovered that rates of infection were much higher in the ponds that received pesticide runoff.
In summer, runoff from cloudbursts etches into the softer limestones and sluices through the deep runnels.
Help students conduct research to find out whether they have storm drains in their community and, if so, where the runoff goes.
The river carries all the runoff and pollution from all its tributaries.
Protection will help ensure that bleaching events won't be compounded by polluted runoff, over fishing, or eager tourists.
The added green space absorbs excess nutrients in rainwater that can contribute harmful runoff to nearby watersheds.
Agricultural and industrial runoff can also clog ecosystems with silt and other sediment.
The vast filigree of epiphytes picks up and stores many nutrients that would otherwise float by on wind or wash away in runoff.
If that wasn't bad enough, previous research has found that runoff from phosphate fertilizers also boosts parasite levels.
The runoff is collected in a pipe or a trough on the ground.
One oft-mentioned factor is nutrient-rich runoff from agriculture.
It's the melting and runoff of land-based glaciers and ice sheets that really increases water volume in the ocean.
County officials said rain runoff has been shorting an electronic device designed to operate a flood control gate.
Deadly clashes erupt ahead of presidential runoff voting.
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