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Example sentences for rung

The boat's deck rises once more, and he launches himself for the fourth rung.
These poor people occupy the lowest rung of humanity's ladder.
Squid and other soft-bodied cephalopods replaced their shelled relatives, which once filled the middle rung on the food chain.
He'd almost pulled off the feat but ended up standing on a single ladder rung that blocked the only available foothold.
It tolls for thee, higher education, and it is being rung by those folks paying a lot of your bills.
It would be twice having rung the doorbell and not taken her to the dance.
But within the world of military aviation there remains a hierarchy of cool, and fighter jocks still own the highest rung.
Next, he takes a hop from the lowest rung down to the footpad.
Alienation, in effect, was a rung by which artists sought to climb the social ladder.
The ladder was badly split at the top rung of the lower extension.
When he next resurfaced, he had grabbed an even higher rung on the ladder to success.
He used every rung in the ladder as a rung to the one above.
In housing it depends, of course, on which rung of the real estate ladder you occupy.
Four of the bells had been rung intermittently in the last century.
Each rung represented people of different levels of education, income and occupational status.
One rung down come service providers who disburse leased bandwidth through their own wireless networks.
The big difference in personal debt is at the bottom rung of society.
Perhaps the best aspect of the new law is that it provides protection for people on the bottom rung of the ladder.
Slums are merely the lowest rung on the social ladder which cities alone provide to the world's poor.
The temptation is to move to another company that can offer an intermediate rung on the ladder.
Now the alarm has been rung and misguided agricultural policies are being rectified.
Harper made the highlight reels again last night with a tirade at an umpire who rung him up on a third strike.
He wants to return and likely will at a lower salary and lower rung on the depth chart.
One rung of any section of ladder shall be located at the level of the landing laterally served by the ladder.
Grab bars shall be spaced by a continuation of the rung spacing when they are located in the horizontal position.
The same rung spacing as used on the ladder shall be used from the landing platform to the first rung below the landing.
Aluminum plate is hung from an upper rung of a ladder and locked in place at a lower rung.
Rungs must be long enough to allow maneuvering with both feet on the same rung.
Consumers also complain that, in many stores, they cannot see the price of items being rung up at cash registers.

Famous quotes containing the word rung

If there were dreams to sell, Merry and sad to tell, And the crier rung the bell, What would you buy?... more
When a nation's young men are conservative, its funeral bell is already rung.... more
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